Thursday, 22 May 2008


I've always had weird insides from about midday onwards, and it would last all day long. Trapped wind being the most painful part in my chest (what a subject eh?!), bloatedness, painful stomach cramps and more. I've always felt quite sick after eating custard - love the stuff though, and felt sick after a milky coffee - have one every Saturday and Sunday afternoon! For some strange reason it popped into my head yesterday about maybe it was something in the milk. I started searching up on the internet and came across many sites about lactose intolerance and avoiding dairy.
I went straight up town and bought some soya milk. It tastes a bit like vanilla! I can live with that, but what amazed me was that I didn't get my usual problems from midday onwards.
I thought maybe it was a fluke, but so far today, my second day on soya milk, I've been symptom free!!!! So I've been and bought some more soya milk!

We went for dinner at dad's yesterday. One inch thick chops that fell apart, they were gorgeous!!! I sat in the garden for quite a while on the swing, and I'd meant to take my crochet with me but I'd picked up the wrong wool bag, typical!

I had to suffer the football last night too. Manchester United versus Chelsea Champions League match in Moscow. Man U won after penalties. The game went on till almost 11pm! After that we watched part of a programme about the worlds tallest woman at 7 foot 7 and a quarter!

It was scooter day at Matthew's school today, and of course we forgot to take it. I came home and got it then took it straight back to the school, that was quite a walk! Not done much else apart from the usual kind of things... done some washing, went and bought a loaf and some more soya milk. Darryl has now gone to his step brothers and they're going to see the new Indiana Jones film. Lucy is being moved to my hospital today... apparently her parents were staying in a hospitality room at the other hospital but have now been told to leave it due to not answering the phone at nights. So Paul insisted that she was moved to our hospital. I shall go in to see her this weekend.

Sausage and pasta bake for dinner tonight!! ............. does that have lactose in it??? The sauce might have!!

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  1. I'm happy you figured out what was causing the problem. One of my grandsons is lactose intolerant also. I think there is a pill you can take now so you can still have milk products every now and again, like ice cream, and probably milk in your coffee. You've been busy.

    Gosh asked to leave for sleeping through a ringing phone? oh my.

    Yum sausage and pasta bake, sure sound good to me. No milk in that I would think.


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