Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Half Term.

I thought it was about time I wrote something in here... I've been using Facebook and it's addictive!! I mainly send virtual gifts all day long, but I'm addicted to collecting them!!

Matthew is off school all week, he's been quite a good boy so far. Darryl and Abby went to London to an exhibition at the Dome. He sent me three photos on his phone, one of Platform 9 3/4 at King's Cross (from the Harry Potter films), it has a trolley sticking out of the brick wall, another photo of the Dome, and one of Buckingham Palace. The also went to Picadilly Circus. They got home just after 10pm and couldn't stop talking about it all, and they're planning on going again next month.

Dad is off to Ireland on Sunday. I've been looking at the ferry today. Fishguard to Ross something or other, it's a 2 hour crossing. Only 2 ferries a day, so if you miss the 11.30 one dad, you'll have to wait till the 4.30 one!

I'm cross stitching a chick at the moment for my spring card swap. I think the chick was intended for Easter, but it's holding flowers and I thought... spring chicken??

We've been watching Britain's Got Talent and it's the final week this week. We love Katie and Gin and Signature. After this series, we'll probably watch America's Got Talent... it's got Piers and Sharon Osborne as the judges, and an old Knightrider. He was lovely in the eighties. Oh, and Big Brother starts on the 5th of June, and if you head over to (the link is on the right of this page) you can see some photos of the new house!!


  1. ......hey Roz, how's it going? I just finished watching American Idol here - I love those type of shows. You have such a well set-up blog, all your pictures....

  2. Thank you Marion!!
    I still need to link your blog to mine, I keep forgetting.
    I love those reality shows too, our Britain's Got Talent finishes tomorrow, then we get the American version next week! And Big Brother starts too... I'll be in Heaven!
    Your cards are still stunning Marion, gorgeous, well done...


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