Friday, 30 May 2008

Pictures of the new Big Brother UK house!!!

Pictures of the house click here

Dad! You will be in Ireland, you'll miss the start night, lol... bet you're even happier to be going on holiday!

Below are some pics of cross stitching that I've done. The spring chicken one is for a swap card (don't think she reads my blog!!). The circus train, Matthew has in his bedroom. The Honeypot Bear one I made for a friend I met online called Honeypot!! We went to Blackpool and a couple of other places with her and some other mad nutters in 1999.

I'm also loving Britain's Got Talent as well. Everyone that we loved has gone through by the viewers vote. Matthew loves Kate and Gin the dog. Justin's favourite is George Sampson... I love lots of them!!

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Half Term.

I thought it was about time I wrote something in here... I've been using Facebook and it's addictive!! I mainly send virtual gifts all day long, but I'm addicted to collecting them!!

Matthew is off school all week, he's been quite a good boy so far. Darryl and Abby went to London to an exhibition at the Dome. He sent me three photos on his phone, one of Platform 9 3/4 at King's Cross (from the Harry Potter films), it has a trolley sticking out of the brick wall, another photo of the Dome, and one of Buckingham Palace. The also went to Picadilly Circus. They got home just after 10pm and couldn't stop talking about it all, and they're planning on going again next month.

Dad is off to Ireland on Sunday. I've been looking at the ferry today. Fishguard to Ross something or other, it's a 2 hour crossing. Only 2 ferries a day, so if you miss the 11.30 one dad, you'll have to wait till the 4.30 one!

I'm cross stitching a chick at the moment for my spring card swap. I think the chick was intended for Easter, but it's holding flowers and I thought... spring chicken??

We've been watching Britain's Got Talent and it's the final week this week. We love Katie and Gin and Signature. After this series, we'll probably watch America's Got Talent... it's got Piers and Sharon Osborne as the judges, and an old Knightrider. He was lovely in the eighties. Oh, and Big Brother starts on the 5th of June, and if you head over to (the link is on the right of this page) you can see some photos of the new house!!

Thursday, 22 May 2008


I've always had weird insides from about midday onwards, and it would last all day long. Trapped wind being the most painful part in my chest (what a subject eh?!), bloatedness, painful stomach cramps and more. I've always felt quite sick after eating custard - love the stuff though, and felt sick after a milky coffee - have one every Saturday and Sunday afternoon! For some strange reason it popped into my head yesterday about maybe it was something in the milk. I started searching up on the internet and came across many sites about lactose intolerance and avoiding dairy.
I went straight up town and bought some soya milk. It tastes a bit like vanilla! I can live with that, but what amazed me was that I didn't get my usual problems from midday onwards.
I thought maybe it was a fluke, but so far today, my second day on soya milk, I've been symptom free!!!! So I've been and bought some more soya milk!

We went for dinner at dad's yesterday. One inch thick chops that fell apart, they were gorgeous!!! I sat in the garden for quite a while on the swing, and I'd meant to take my crochet with me but I'd picked up the wrong wool bag, typical!

I had to suffer the football last night too. Manchester United versus Chelsea Champions League match in Moscow. Man U won after penalties. The game went on till almost 11pm! After that we watched part of a programme about the worlds tallest woman at 7 foot 7 and a quarter!

It was scooter day at Matthew's school today, and of course we forgot to take it. I came home and got it then took it straight back to the school, that was quite a walk! Not done much else apart from the usual kind of things... done some washing, went and bought a loaf and some more soya milk. Darryl has now gone to his step brothers and they're going to see the new Indiana Jones film. Lucy is being moved to my hospital today... apparently her parents were staying in a hospitality room at the other hospital but have now been told to leave it due to not answering the phone at nights. So Paul insisted that she was moved to our hospital. I shall go in to see her this weekend.

Sausage and pasta bake for dinner tonight!! ............. does that have lactose in it??? The sauce might have!!

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

A few pics of Wembley

Here are four photos from Justin and Matthew's day out at Wembley Stadium. The other little boy is Casey who they also went with.

Matthew, Casey, Brendan.

Monday, 19 May 2008

Cascada came!

Woohooo, it's a great album too!
Justin had today off work, he was in a good mood all day long. He had a great time at Wembley yesterday, he was talking about it today, and Matthew was, he loved it as well. Wish I could have gone too!! Wembley has 2800 toilets!
Darryl went to Abby's. I went upstairs and asked him what time he was going to see her, he said he was going to get the 12.10 bus, I said well you better ring her then coz it's 12.20! He's so lazy.
Spent the day lazing around. I half watched a film that Justin put on, Duel, it was on the V+ hard drive. We were also looking at new hi-fi's. Justin is interested in a Sony Giga Jukebox thing. It's not out till the end of May though, and I do quite like it.


I hate heights, but I'm not sure many people would want to take this route!!

Sunday, 18 May 2008

............................they lost.

Oh dear... I was hoping that they would win; it would have been so amazing for Justin. I'm talking about Cambridge United playing Exeter at Wembley stadium - winner goes up into League football. Justin did send a text to say they inside Wembley and it was amazing, he sent a photo on the phone as well. Darryl and I were shouting at the telly, really yelling, Justin would have been proud! I didn't see the first 20 minutes as I was still at work and Darryl only saw the second half with me, then he left to go and see his step brother David, up his dad's house. Natasha (nurse on A & E), her husband also went today, and just 5 seats away from Matthew was his school friend, Harris! All those seats and they sit that close!

Work was a great laugh, including the meeting. Well infection control isn't that fascinating, so we had to make it funny, so we made a thing out of giving the wrong answers. After the meeting, we had to go and clean up an infectious cubicle. I don't want to say what the infection was, but deadly. I was very uncomfortable in there, first time I've felt like that in a cubicle. At the end of the day we were given two certificates for passing the infection control thing and we had our photos taken. A & E was so busy, all day long. They ran out of cubicles! "They" reckon we don't need an A & E here!

Since work it's just been football. Justin has just sent a text, doesn't sound very happy...

Saturday, 17 May 2008

Delayed Devotion

No that's not a cryptic clue, it's just the title of the song I'm listening to by, you've guessed it, DUFFY!! I managed to get the album on my ipod.

Work today... well not a lot happened!! Justin always says I think it's boring when we don't get ambulances rushing in or someone in a lot of pain. I think he's right!!! Hahahaha! Not that I wish pain and suffering on anyone, but it does liven up the day a bit. We have a meeting tomorrow morning, so no doubt that will inspire me to nod off.
I had a laugh with Cheryl this afternoon, we spend most of the time being sarcastic. We've both been dieting and she lost 1lb this week and I lost 2lbs. I've lost a grand total of 5... I must keep it up.

Justin and Matthew are off to Wembley tomorrow with Brendan and his son too. They are going on the 10.50am train and will be home around 9.30pm. I hope Cambridge win... or there will be no speaking in this house tomorrow night. Darryl said he'll have dinner at his dad's, so after around 5.30pm I shall be on my tod!

Loved Doctor Who tonight, it was a period one with Agatha Christie. I've loved all of the author ones they've made. We also watched Britain's Got Talent, not much talent on there tonight, but I did like Flava at the end. We will also watch Britain's Got More Talent over on ITV2 later tonight.

I have found out that the Dire Straits Telegraph Road that is listed on my Playlist, is actually, Prairie Wedding, Mark Knopfler!! I love the song... and I thought it sounded different when I heard it in the pub the other day.
We're not watching Britain's Got More Talent, Justin is watching Pushing Daisies instead... I'll carry on on here then!!

Friday, 16 May 2008

A bit of a wet week really!

It was last sunny on Tuesday, and has been wet ever since!
I've not done a lot this week. I've lived on my laptop mainly listening to the songs on my playlist. I am SO addicted to Duffy's song I'm Scared. (I'm just watching the news on ITV1 it has images on there from China and a school... every parents nightmare, terrible).
I've now got Duffy's album, Darryl went and fetched it for me today. I lent him the money and he's giving me it back next week when he gets paid. Plus, Justin ordered me an album by Cascada last night from, that should be here in a couple of months then! Is this riveting reading or what?!

I have to make a card tonight for a girl at work. She was chased last week down the ramp on her way home and he then followed her out into the car park and nipped through where our laundry gets picked up and got to the road in front of her. She hasn't been in to work this week, the bloke was arrested as the police turned up. I'm really not in the mood to make a card though... but I have to, after my bath.

I went out for a drink at lunchtime with an old friend. It was really nice to catch up, chill out, listen to music, and have a drink. The barman was a laugh too! A right nutter! 50p a song in the jukebox!

I made spaghetti bologneise for dinner tonight. I put some of the spaghetti into a saucepan and then got another packet out of the cupboard. I was trying to open it when the whole lot fell out the bottom all over the floor. So funny, couldn't stop laughing.

So there you go, here I am, it's Friday night. I don't like Friday's, work tomorrow.

Ok, so it's now almost 10pm. I had my bath, I got too hot so didn't spend too long wallowing in there like I used to do. I've been playing my new Duffy album since Darryl and Matthew finished watching Indiana Jones.
I made the card for Merce, below, and shall take it in tomorrow. I haven't got an envelope big enough though, but they must have one in the office at work. I made the card using set three on my cd that I really really do need to carry on working on... so tedious though!! I can't be doing with tedious at the moment...
Justin is playing Formula One and Matthew is getting ready for bed. Poor Duffy has had to be turned down coz Justin can't hear the sound effects on his game!! I'll have to play it in my laptop with my headphones in.

And now the time by my Acer laptop is 22.23.. I'm about to rip the Duffy cd (non techies out there, what I mean is I'm going to copy the cd and then put it on me pod, I'm not going to stomp on it or anything sinister like that...msn is too quiet tonight...)

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

The pond visit...

I'm glad I only had to go once! The bloke who's pond it is, Graham, hence Graham's Pond, looked like an Australian outback kind of guy, complete with a wide hat and dangly bits, he was a friendly sort of fella though. He told us about some bluebells that one half had grown in a lilac colour, and the other half in blue, strange.
The pond was constructed by Cambridge University. They wanted to find out what effects the pond life would have being built by a busy road.
One of the boys that I was looking after just wouldn't have it that you can't just net a lily pad. I told him umpteen times that he wasn't going to get it, that it was attached at the bottom of the pond. He kept getting it in the net, only to have it fall out when he moved the net, and he would keep on saying "that was close", lol. He's sweet really, but even the other kids were getting fed up with him. Then they found a floating coke bottle they all had to have a go at catching... I'm really not a patient woman.
Matthew was with his friend's dad, Sean's dad. Matthew said he caught a little curled up creature/insect and some sea weed, lol. They all had great fun.

I spent the afternoon adding more songs to the playlist. Tonight I've got a Malibu with lemonade and listened to my Lily Allen cd, we now have Justin's Manic Street Preachers on.

Dad used his bus pass for the first time yesterday, congratulations dad!! He needs one after paying £23 for a watch battery!

Monday, 12 May 2008

Musical day.

I spent most of today fiddling with the playlist again, adding more songs, and listening to them. It's now 10.34pm and I'm still listening to them!! I did do a few other things like washing, hoovering, shopping.
I have to take Matthew's class to Grahams Pond tomorrow. It's a little way up the road from his school. I think they have some small nets and they're going to try to catch some fish - they have to put them back afterwards though. Should be a laugh.

Sunday, 11 May 2008

Flipping heck

I have just spent the last hour and a half trying to get the playlist up above to work. It was driving me mental!! It didn't like being a normal html post, it had to go on the side panel first, then be moved across... oh well, done now.

It was hot in A & E today, I made sure all the cubicles were nice and cold though, lol, I turned the air conditioning to it's lowest setting, lovely! I had a laugh with Cheryl in the afternoon - we had to go and give out teas on an assessment ward, so funny, the teapot was so heavy we couldn't lift it and fell about laughing... much to the disgrace of one visitor.
I had a Penini for lunch, it was very tasty, but I only had it because it was half price. It was egg, bacon, sausage, and tomato, scrummy!

Dad stayed for dinner as usual on a Sunday. We didn't have a roast today though as it was too hot, we had chicken salad instead. Matthew had been in his pool again today. Not sure how much longer this hot weather is going to last though.

Saturday, 10 May 2008

Game for a laugh...

Matthew had his paddling pool out today, he didn't have it out last year as we had a rubbish summer. He loved it! He played in it up until about 8.30pm.
I gave Cheryl her bag today, she thought it was wonderful! She kept showing everyone, and loved the little white drawstring purse that I'd made to go with it, lol. Everyone seemed to be talking about babies this weekend. Carol just had another grandson, that's the eighth boy for one of her son's. Cheryl was yakking about her unborn grandson, and a woman she knows new baby, and then Natasha just became a granny as well! Babies babies babies.

Below is a photo of what I've been making with the little laminated ATC sized digital scrap pages I've uploaded here before.

Friday, 9 May 2008

I'm allergic to the sun!

Well it feels like it anyway. I've got tiny itchy blisters on my arms and chest. I've got tiny red spots on my feet and lower shins. I nearly put chins!! I don't know why I'm laughing, chins is about right!!
I've been fiddling with those photos from yesterday again today, and I made some more of those ATC sized digital scrap pages to laminate. I need to print out one of them for the third time. First time I printed it on gloss and smudged it, second time I got blue ink on it from the plastic blade protector from my guillotine... third time lucky!

Other news, lol.
Our family railcard came today, saving money for Justin on the London tickets, then again when we go to Devon in August. That's about it, not much other news for today... went shopping with Dad in Tesco's this morning and I spent just over £3!!

Thursday, 8 May 2008

Scrapblog post

Hovver your mouse on the pic to one side to get rid of the bars at the top and bottom. Click on the triangle to play. More pages get added. I shall try to keep this at the top. This currently has 3 pages to it, if it doesn't show 3 pages, refresh your webpage. I'm hoping it's just a glitch with their servers.

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Sunny day, more photos!

Another beautiful sunny hot day here in Cambridgeshire. I was going to make a card today, but after getting back from town I decided not to... I hung the washing out and watched Create and Craft instead. I also watched an episode of Lost from series three on VOD (Virgin Media) and laminated a picture that Darryl had drawn and then edited on the computer.

I took the camera to dad's today, and here are 3 of the photo's. Darryl looks happy in this photo of him, but he really does need a hair cut, lol. He said he's going to get one when he gets paid. The photo's of Matthew I had to get on the grass too to take. I love both of them!!! I added a slight soft focus to the one where he's sitting cross legged, a fairy wouldn't have gone amiss in the background, lol. Click on each of the photo's to see them bigger.

Justin is taking Matthew to Wembley stadium to see Cambridge United on May 18th!! They are going with his friend from work, Brendan, and his little boy. I shall be worried all day long!!!

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

A pic of the crocheted bag

I know it looks a bit strange, but it is quite nice in the flesh. The white circles are roses. The bag is quite big and the strap long enough to go on your shoulder. I also made Cheryl a little drawstring bag to go inside, lol. Ok, so that's the bag done, now I have the blue/black blanket to make for Albert, a pink and black one for Abby, followed by a dusky pink one for Merce... then I AM going to have a rest from them.

Cambridge United are playing Burton Albion again tonight. The winner gets to play at Wembley to see if they can go up a league. Cambridge are winning at the moment with 3 minutes to go...

I had a nice day today, even though most of it was spent on my own. I went into town after taking Matthew to school and the most exciting thing I bought was some Lenor Summer Breeze softener. I sat in the garden in the sun for a while and fell asleep, so I caught the sun a little bit. Darryl and Abby came about half one and sat in the garden for about half an hour. I picked up Matthew at 3.20pm and he played in the garden in his Bob House again.

Cambridge are ............................. going to Wembley!

Monday, 5 May 2008

A few pics from today.

It's been a lovely sunny warm Bank Holiday Monday today. We were late getting up for a start - 9.45am!!! I NEVER get up that late!!!
Darryl went off to work at 11am, he's working until 7.30pm tonight. I gave him a couple of pounds so he could buy lunch at work. Justin, Matthew, and I went into town. We went round about 4 or 5 shops trying to get Matthew a new pair of shoes for school, and ended up back at the first one. How many times does that happen?! He also got a new pair of sunglasses. We got other normal things like bread and disinfectant.
When we got back we got the swing cushions out and the other garden chairs, and Matthew wanted his Bob the Builder house out - he hasn't had it out since last summer. The dogs played in the garden most of the day as well.
Matthew and I nipped back across the park to Iceland and picked up 2 x lollies, 1 pack of choc ices, and a tub of vanilla ice cream. Then back to the garden.
We watched some of the snooker final between Ronnie O'Sullivan and Ali Carter... it's not a good final really... Ronnie is running away with it. Oh yeah!! I found out yesterday that I know Joe Perry's mum!!! She's works next to A & E. Can't say too much can I?!
Justin also watched the Chelsea match on telly, and I washed and dried my hair. Then we had salad for tea.
Here's some photo's of today...

Matthew in his house!

Me and Matthew!

Justin in the sunshine.




Friday, 2 May 2008

...and in the PM of the day...

I am here watching Justin shouting at the telly... Cambridge United are playing Burton Albion in the play offs... the score is 2 - 2 at the moment. Cambridge only just got their two goals.

Matthew is laying next to me on the settee, covered up in a crocheted blanket fast asleep. Darryl and Abby are upstairs. Abby just came down for a drink, but has now gone back up again. I've had a long soak in the bath, blow dried my hair, and given it a quick straighten, ready for work tomorrow. It will still take me half an hour in the bathroom in the morning fiddling with my make up and my hair. I'm up at 6am at the weekends, and I hate getting up that early, although by the time I'm in the bathroom, I'm normally looking forward to my cuppa tea. Matthew always gets up with me and then lays on the settee under a blanket again. He even gets up on a dark winters morning with me, he must be mad then.

I want to do some scrapbooking, but when I've finished Cheryl's bag I've got to do Albert's blanket, and then Abby's... and now Merce wants another one, lol, a dusky pink one!

Oh yeah, Ronnie is in the snooker final!! Yaaayyyy!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's right, it's my dad's birthday today. He had a fun morning with me and Darryl in the Tesco's Extra superstore, and now should be watching the snooker, as I am. Ronnie is winning 11 - 4!! Playing Stephen Hendry. I feel sorry for Hendry... oh well, chin up eh?!

I've gone and dyed my hair. I'm dark again now, I prefer it dark... until I get the urge to go blond again anyway.

Not done much to speak of... crocheted a little bit more of Cheryl's bag, and it should be finished over the weekend. I could get it done today, but I can't be bothered to pick it up.

Darryl went to his dads last night. Me, Justin, and Matthew sat up the table and played Pay Day, Justin won. Then we played a Doctor Who game - it's similar to Frustration, and really is a frustrating game too. You have a Dalek trying to land on your space as well, which sends your character piece back to it's starting position. You have three pieces to play, and it's not unusual for one player to be almost finished, and all of your pieces to still be at the start!!!
Matthew also wants to play Cluedo. I love that game, but never win. Justin always wins.