Friday, 3 October 2008

Vet Prescripton charges...

- are about to come into force again. 
In 2005 it became law that a vet couldn't charge you for writing a prescription, on the 1st of November, that is to come to an end.
I received a letter from my vet today to tell me that I shall now be charged £9.50 per prescription. It is for the expertise and the time it takes to produce this prescription. One of our dogs is on Florinef tablets, and Prednisolone for Addisons Disease, so each prescription is the same each month (for the last 5 years!)... so not much expertise needed every month surely??? Or every three months, we get a repeat one valid for three months. Anyway, I phoned them up and yes, I will have to pay that amount each time. Luckily it's per prescription and not per item as on NHS prescriptions. It's a pity it's not like the NHS though, being as Sophie has a condition and on the NHS this would be free... 
I was quite surprised to read that back in 2005, vets were charging between £0 and £30 per prescription! Vets can charge precisely what they like, as I found out this year with two dogs suffering from Pyometra which meant both had to have hysterectomies within 3 months of eachother, yet £200 extra the second time. 

I just have to add. I'm shocked! I'm SHOCKED at Paula for DUNKING battenburg cake in her coffee....... there is no hope for her. They're coming to take her away ha haa.

Here's a better link for the cuddly lamb and other cuddlies that you heat in the microwave. I got Matthew's lamb today, it's SOOOO cuddly. I love it... and it smells of lavendar as well. I want one for me tooooooooooooooooooo!

Sorry, just to clarify on the vet prices coz Shell didn't realise. The prescription price doesn't include the pills, they can be up to £30 depending if I get them from the expensive vets, or Boots. 


  1. OMG.....prescription charge is outrageous, nearly as outrageous at Paula Dunking her Battenburg.....Urgh
    but that isn't half as bad as the smell of Lavender!!!!!!!!

    Each to their own I guess


  2. Blimey Shell, there's no pleasing you!

    Love Roz x

  3. not sure about that. The port and raspberry pudding I just made is VERY pleasing!!!!!! ;)


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