Friday, 24 October 2008

A mug and a pirate!

Here is Matthew this morning, dressed up as a pirate. The bandana is an arm sling which I got from A&E at work. I also drew a skull and crossbones on it just before he went.

And here is the mug that me and Cheryl had done for Pat who's retiring from our restaurant at the hospital this weekend. I have put some teabags, coffee, sugars, and various fruit teas inside the mug also... she'll love it! LOL!


  1. Hi Roz
    Your little boy looks very cute dressed as a pirate! I love the mug too, thats a great idea.
    Hugs Lynsey :)

  2. ...well now, Matthew has to be the cutest pirate I've ever seen :) - love the mustache (sp?). Great idea Roz, with the mug and nice pic too.

  3. Matthew looks fantastic in his Pirates outfit and waht a brilliant idea to give a personalised mug as a gift I'm sure Pat will love it along with all the other goodies. Debbie x


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