Thursday, 23 October 2008

An eye and a fence.

Hmmm... well the wind finally won and knackered the fence, AGAIN! This is the view into nextdoors garden. The wind had been threatening to take it down for a few weeks and it had hung on for a lot longer than we thought it would. Justin had to remove the centre post and take down completely the two panels. Another panel and post need removing, but ex hubby is going to do that for us when he puts up another fence. Must go to Westend DIY tomorrow and check prices... I got the last lot from them as their delivery price is under a fiver, unlike Homebase and their £15!
And below is Matthew. He bumped heads with Ross at school just before they came out. He cried when he saw me. You can't really tell from the photo, but his eye is beginning to go black now... he's got to dress up as a pirate tomorrow at school, so that will save me making an eye patch!

OOooOOooOoo, and I'm so excited!!!!!!!! Just saw an ad on telly for Celebrity Scissorhands starting again on Sunday night... I hope Steve Strange is on it again, SO FUNNY!!!


  1. Hi Roz, how do you spell your name, I wonder if it's the same as mine, Roslyn.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog tonight.

  2. Hi Roz, I have tagged you, have a look at my blog for the info! Thanks :0) Tab xxx

    Ps Fab blog by the way!

  3. Hey we have a fence just like that :)


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