Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Bakewell tart anyone?

Matthew has been off school today. For most of yesterday he was complaining of a headache and tummy ache, and he had a cough. This morning he woke up with a temperature and still had a headache, so he stayed home. 
We've been watching dvd's today - The third series of The Royle Family, and our home dvd of Christmas 2007! 
I made a Bakewell tart! I've only ever made one before, so thought I'd have another go today.

Recipe for the spongey bit - I cheated and bought a pastry case.

2oz (50g) Self Raising Flour
2oz (50g) Caster Sugar
2oz (50g) Butter
2 tablespoons of milk
2 teaspoons of almond essence 
Layer of jam.

Shove the lot (apart from the jam) into a bowl and give it a good ole whiz till it's light and fluffy. Spread out a layer of jam - preferrably raspberry, but strawberry will do, onto the pasty base and then pour in the sponge mix. Cook in the centre of a preheated oven at about 160 for 20 minutes. 
When it's cool, mix some icing sugar, teaspoon of almond essence, and a little water, depending on the consistency that you want to spread on the top of the sponge. Add cherries to decorate.

Last night I did some more of my cross stitch, and yesterday was taken up with crocheting the blanket. I expect I'll do more of the same tonight due to football being on the telly!!
And, I did want to do the Friday Sketchers challenge this week too.

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  1. ooooh goody hope theres some left on Friday!! LOL Not sure what time as appt is at 10.15, and Ill need to eat after, but will text you when we are leaving the hospital ok?

    Hope Matthew is feeling much better today. XX


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