Monday, 13 October 2008

My current Work's in Progress.

This is the blanket so far that I'm making for Merce at work. I had to go and buy the other three balls of wool today, but they didn't have anymore of the same pink, so I had to get another shade, but it's very close and Merce said it would be ok to use that one. So here we are, this is how far I've got with it. I have the current ball of the original pink to use, then three of the new shade and then six of the fluffy black eyelash wool.

The two photos below are of my cross stitch that I'm working on. I had a bit of a disaster with the stand last night though. There is a strip of wood that is there to sort of keep the top bit at an angle (I'm good at describing eh?!), and part of it had split... I started searching online for another one, then decided to get my hot glue gun out. Not only had the wood split, but when the lamp and the chart holder were added - even though they are made by the same company for this stand, it made the whole top bit top heavy, and it couldn't cope... so I hot glued the lot, lol, and now it's solid as a rock! 
Anyway... the top photo here shows the chart I'm following and the stand etc, and the bottom one shows how far I've got with it. I tend to work more on the blanket though, just to get it finished and out of the way... 

 Normal gossip...
Cheryl was really hungover yesterday at work. Normally she "comes to" by the afternoon, but this time it took till 4pm for her to look remotely human again... although she didn't seem too bad for the first half an hour of the day. I really couldn't do what she does most weekends. I like to be alert every day! She tells me I'm sad because I don't go out to the pub!! I think she's jealous coz I spend every evening with my partner and she doesn't hers. If that makes me sad, then I'm happy with that, lol. She's just a mad woman who needs HRT I think. She loves me really, or so she says. 

A & E was MANIC! I said it wouldn't be so quiet. We had an RTA come in so that livened an already lively day up. 


  1. Hi Roz - love your blanket - where does the black go (around the edge?) - that's a lot of work.
    Also like your cross-stitch - wow, it's a big one and a lot of work too.
    Your friend at work is going to have a problem one day (at work) if she spends every weekend doing that. To each their own, but I'd rather be with my 'honey'.

  2. Hi Marion.
    Yes the black goes around the edge, there will be 6 balls in all of that to go round.
    Yes the cross stitch is big, but not too many colour changes which I like, so hopefully I'll finish this one.
    Yes my friend will get in trouble one day, and I wish that day would be soon so she sorts herself out.

    Roz x


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