Monday, 27 October 2008

So the weekend came, the weekend went...

A&E was busy busy busy, well on Saturday it was. Cheryl had the mother of all hangovers on Saturday... so I had to "carry" her for most of the day. She finally livened up at 3.30!!! I REALLY do NOT understand why anyone would possibly want to get drunk every weekend and go to work. I'm not tee-total, I do like to have the ODD drink... you know, maybe a couple in the evening two or three times a week, and it really is a couple as well. Having said that, I haven't had any for over a week, lol. So... if anyone knows what the thrill is of getting so drunk every week that you can't remember how you got home, when you went to bed, and spend the next day like the living dead and having to throw up every hour or so, coz I think I'm missing something by not finding that fun??? What is it???? 
Aside from that...

Pat absolutely LOVED the mug, and everyone (I say everyone, but figure of speech really), came out to have a look at it. We also got a lovely big slice of cake in the afternoon. 

A father of one of Matthew's school friends was admitted to A&E (Accident and Emergency is what we call the Emergency Room here in the UK) unconcious. No one knew why he was unconcious and it was suspected that he could of had a stroke. He is 40 years old. 

Today me and Matthew have been into town and bought the pumpkin. I also bought a couple of other bits. Some small Christmas crackers for the Christmas trees, some Christmas present 3d labels, a glittered bag for Abby's presents to go in, and Matthew got a Christmas card making kit which he said he will use later. We also always buy a Christmas tree decoration every year, and today we found some lovely silver snowflakes for £1.50 so we bought those. 

I'm not sure what else we'll get up to today. I'm watching No Angels on Virgin tv's Video on Demand at the moment. I never watched it when it was first on, but I love it! Good job I have the whole 3 series to watch now.

Thanks to all the regular visitors of my blog. I try to visit lots every day, although don't always comment, but there are some great blogs out there.


  1. I'm catching up on stuff today- including the washing, and sleep! :)

    My mum has bought a tree decoration each year and some have survived from before i Was born. There is a very precious snowman that comes out each year, despite only having one eye now, and that only just hanging on...his white hat is now brown. Ahh. But he has pride of place on the tree, just under the fairy. Ha!

    We don't really do Halloween over here. The shops have been trying to encourage it the last few years, but then, not having kids myself, I don't really know how much the kids are going for it. I've only had trick-or-treaters knock on the door once. I don't open it though!!!! It isn't the big fun family thing over here :( shame, cos it sounds like fun!

  2. I know what you meaan about getting drunk Roz, I have lost days through having one to many, and now I very rarely drink at all..

    Christmas Decs...hmmm well I inherited a load from Marks previous life, but they are gradually being replaced. Couldnt really change them cos of the kids, but Mark bought me the most gorgeous optic angel to go in the window cos I wanted one for on top of the tree (religious symbols and all that) and they had always had a father Christmas so I guess thats a compromise. Saying that, Ive lost all my Christmas Spirit now, it just aint how it used to be. We are going to have to spend money we cant afford and I will worry about it...whats the point in that? bahhhhhhhhhhhh humbug!!

    Im a blogaholic, been hopping all morning when I should be There are some amazing blogs out there...with amazing amazing blogs with get the picture?? XX

  3. Hi Roz, I have just finished making a pumpkin for a challenge and hopefully I will get round to posting it before Halloween! I have bought lots of goodies from Hobbycrafts to make some of my own decorations & crackers...well thats the plan anyway.
    I try to buy one really nice new bauble each year on my travels and then when I get them out each year it reminds me of all of the beautiful places that I have visited and wonderful people that I have met.
    After being married to an alcoholic for 20 years I'm with you on the drinking!

    Debbie x


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