Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Gggrrr @ Background!!!

I thought I'd get a nice pink and black background, which I love... but I can't find the html that puts the blue one up there first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I changed the background a while ago, but I think the Cutest Blog people only use the new way to add a background, so I can't find the old way!!!!!!! HELPPPP


  1. Hi Roz, love the pink and black it looks very striking:) Great piccy of you too, i have just bought some new glasses and they are the same as yours,but i'm still trying to get used to them being varifocals...:)


  2. Hi Sue.
    Yeah I thought I'd get a bit more trendy with new glasses, lol. I hope you get used to yours soon.

    I love the pink and black too, it's a shame the blue has to show it's face first though!!

  3. I like this too

    I had to order new glasses on saturday and Mark needs them too!! He looks lovely in his...proper intelligent!! hahaha

  4. Mark, intelligent????????????

  5. I like the pink and black, and the light pink is much more legible than the dark pink...

  6. That's what I thought Toots, so I'll keep it this way. Now if I can only find the bit where I told it to put the blue background on!

  7. your colours - pink & black - great choice, Roz. Your new glasses look 'smashing' - nice piccie of you with a beautiful floral frame!


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