Friday, 31 October 2008

Our Happy Halloween!

Here is the first Halloween cake that I've ever made, and the first attempt at piping all over a cake as well, lol, it tastes good, so it was a good effort. Darryl says he could eat the whole thing himself!

Above is Matthew waiting for his first victims to turn up at the door... and they started early this year - 5pm, so it was still half an hour away from getting dark. We went our at 6.40pm, in our street to just three houses, and then on to Merce's but she wasn't in, then on to his friend Jack's street where his mum told us to go to about another 5 or 6 houses, then we walked through the next street to ours and he got some more goodies. It was a good night. We only had 3 lots of kids turn up; I think they came while we were out for half an hour. We even moved the pumpkin to the window so people could see we were participating!

And now there's me and Matthew when we'd been out trick or treating... it's the first time I'd put any Halloween make up on myself... I know it's just a little bit of fake blood, but I felt more the part, lol.

Above is Matthew and his dad being daft - both tucking into the new goodies!
Below is Darryl just after getting home from work. One of his supervisors painted his face and gave him the hat to wear out of the shop - looks like I'll be wearing a hat next year too then!


  1. Hubby took our kids out trick or treating, came home with a large bag of E numbers (lol). We got none as I turned all the lights out and had a bath, yipee!! So glad Matthew and his dad had a great time, wonder which one enjoyed it the most though ???? lol

  2. Fabulous Halloween pics Roz... matthew looks fab with I really miss all of that now that my kids have grown up...maybe because I'm still a big kid at heart, lol. Debbie x

  3. Hi Roz
    Looks like you had lots of fun on Hallowen! I can't wait till my little girl is bigger and can dress her up! What great news that I won the Secret Crafter Vouncher! I've ordered some more Sarah Kay Stamps and so Promarkers so I can't wait for them to arrive!
    Hugs Lynsey :)

  4. ....fabulous Halloween pictures, Roz - Matthew looks great - looks like you ALL had one terrific Halloween - any cake left? (lol) looks delicious! The decorator did a fantabulous job!

  5. Brilliant pics Roz. I must show Mark - wonder what comment he'll make about the cake...LOL (I personally would make him wear the next


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