Friday, 17 October 2008

Paula and Mark's visit!

Well, Paula and Mark came round today after Paula's visit to the hospital. Mark was his normal joyful self, bless his cottons. He absolutely LOVED my lemon cake and wants another one made for next time. Ok... honestly... he DID like it, but said it resembled cheese on top (runny burger cheese, lol), although didn't taste like it! It was slightly harder than last night, but that was coz it had been stored in the fridge. He was a good little fellow though coz he fixed my cross stitch stand again that had fallen apart again this morning. He had a good play with the Music on Demand on me telly delighting both myself and Paula with his chosen tracks. 
Here he is hard at work below.

Me and Paula swapped a few crafty things. Paula had got some extra rubber stamps that she'd acquired and gave me those - gorgeous leafy scrolly designs and text. Paula took some Whispers layering templates, and some Morsels stamps and I've forgotten what they're called... the little stamps that you stamp on top of each other... ohhhhh, grrrrrrr... Paula, what are they??? lol
I'm cooking the dinner, so unless I want to feed them charcoaled parsnips, I'd better keep my eye on it.


  1. lol..tapestry stamps you mean...never mind him I thought the cake was yummy and lemony and yes please next time too...:)))Thanks ever so much for putting up with him...I, no doubt he will send you a sheep or cheesecake on FB x

  2. From Mark:

    Was definately cheeseburger with lemon sauce - strange combo but OK I spose. As for parsnips why change the habits of a lifetime? :) Love ya Rozmerelda! xx Markensteine

  3. ...ah right....looks like you all had a lovely visit. I see you girls kept Mark for the cheeseburger cake...or did you say lemon....(lol)....I'm sure it was very tasty. ....yum, I love parsnips and nobody in my family does.
    What's with 'Rozmerelda' and 'Markensteine' - it's not Halloween yet (lol). Actually, I don't think you celebrate Halloween in UK do you?


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