Thursday, 2 October 2008

My aim for today...

... is to make a 40th birthday card for my supervisor who's errrr 40 in a couple of weeks!! I also need to make a goodbye, been nice knowing you card as well. So I'd best get to it... in a bit.
I went into town with Darryl today, and there's a Continental Market on the market square today, and for the next 3 days. Anyway, I spotted a teddy bear stall!! They were called Beddy Bears...awwww, and the blokey on there gave me one to cuddle... oOOooOooh, it was gorgeous! It was on of those lavender filled ones that you put in the microwave, and I've now fallen in love with the sheepy one. I didn't have my bank card on me, shame, so I will go back again tomorrow and get one for Matthew for Christmas. I know he seems abit old for cuddly things to take to bed, lol, so I might just nick it if he doesn't want it. 
Well watch this space, there SHOULD be a card uploaded here later today. But, so's you don't get too bored waiting, here's one I made earlier... bout 3 0r 4 years earlier. I've always loved this card, pity about the picture of it though. It was rubber stamped and stamped a bit more, and a bit more to layer it. Even the little stockings hanging off the chimney breast were 3d'd as was the little puddy tat on hearth! And lots of glitter added as well.
Ok... off I go then.


  1. Your blog is looking mighty fine today Rozzers!! Beddy Bears sound cute, do I need one?? Good luck with the cardmaking!! Justin is looking rather....CORRRRRRRRRR in that piccie!!

  2. Justin always looks rather CCCOOORRRR to me, lol.
    Yeah you do need a beddy teddy... I want one.


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