Monday, 2 June 2008

Dad's in Ireland!

Dad has gone on holiday to Ireland. It is taking almost as long to get to Killarney as it did for him to get to San Marino in Italy last year!! He said the ferry was calm, so I think he was relieved about that. They do tend to rock quite abit when the sea is choppy, and of course they ship isn't going to roll right over, but it does feel like it is, lol.

I went to work at the weekend, and A & E was pretty uneventful. Our boss came into work to hand me and Cheryl Employee of the Month certificates and badges - we'd taken over running the office and sorting out phone numbers when a local doctor's surgery was on fire a few months back. It's the second time I've got that award, the first time was for noticing that the crash trolley (resus trolley) wasn't on charge like it should be.

I'm still cross stitching, although this one is only tiny. It's the All Our Yesterday's free kit with one of this month's magazines. I would like to get it done soon though, coz Matthew wants an M with a teddy doing.

I'm still on the Soya milk as well and I'm staying on it!


  1. Congrats on the awards Roz. Well deserved. Hope your dad has a fabulous time and takes tons of pics so you can scrap them for him.

  2. Am so impressed with your blog Roz.. Lovely colours...
    Bubs x


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