Sunday, 22 June 2008

Wicksteed Park

Today we went to Wicksteed Park in Kettering with Justin's dad and step mum. We had a great day, but we had light rain for most of the day. It did brighten up from about 2pm onwards. Matthew loved the car ride at the top, and he took Tommy (who he'd brought home from school again for being good) on the curly slides, and the bottom picture is of both Daddy's and Matthew's first go on the go-karts. Apparently Justin wasn't allowed in one when he was little as they were too fast and he was too young to steer one. They loved it!
We had lunch in a bar in the park, Justin had lasagne and I had haddock and chips. Later on when we were back home, we went to Frankie and Benny's for dinner. Justin and I shared a large mixed grill, followed by hot chocolate brownie in custard, fresh cream, vanilla ice cream, and red berries. Matthew had icecream with Cadbury's chocolate buttons and strawberry sauce, he also asked our waiter for marshmallows with it, and he got them!
We were all stuffed by the time we got home. Justin's dad and step mum stayed for about another 2 hours and then went back to the hotel.
Today we just showed them around town. Joan bought some new clothes in my favourite shop, they also got Matthew a new Doctor Who figure. We went to the Baker's oven for a Latte and cake.
They left at 1pm. Justin watched Formula One, and I fell asleep. I've been looking at Trollbeads tonight... I love them!!! I have two bids on Ebay at the moment.
I have printed out some photos but there is something wrong with the new printer, so I'm annoyed... don't know where the box is to send it back either. The beginning of the photo prints fine, but the last inch or so smudges and kind of droops downwards.
I have ordered the new hifi... click here to see it! I hope it lasts longer than the printer did!!

The above picture is of a cross stitch kit that I've just bought. It's normal price is over £30, but I got it for £13... Ok, it looks really hard to stitch and I know it's going to drive me mental... I'm hoping it's not going to be another one of those "One day I'll finish that" projects.

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