Friday, 6 June 2008

Big Brother has started!!!!

Goodbye summer!!
I'm a BB addict and proud of it! I'm liking most of the housemates. We stayed up until almost midnight watching it, then when we went to bed Justin put it on the telly in the there as well, lol. I do have a couple of favourites at the moment, but don't have any idea what their names are.

I wish my new handbag would hurry up and get here - it was dispatched on the third of June so it should be here! I had fun using the tongs yesterday, but I haven't attempted to use the hot rollers yet, I don't even know if I'll be able to put them in... maybe I could bribe Justin!! I'm not hopeful on that one.

Matthew has a school disco tonight, and luckily I'm making a casserole with dumplings for dinner, so that can be cooking in the oven and be ready for when we get back home at 6.15pm. Justin will have to put the dumplings in when he gets home from work.

Dad is due to leave Killarney today and stay overnight tonight at Waterford, then tomorrow it will be the journey back to England. I should think he's taken lots of photo's.

Check back later for any updates into my active day, lol.

11am and I have an update already!! My handbag, purse, and Betty Boop organiser have come, along with a Winter Cottages decoupage card making kit, am now a happy bunny!


  1. Ahh the hot rollers I used for years when I was working outside the home. They are easy Roz, go ahead and take the plunge!!

    You received lots of goodies, can't wait to see the card. Also post pics of your purse and organizer so we can see.

  2. Thank goodness for that!! How did the disco go?? I have watched very little BB this time, just cant get into it right now


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