Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Wavy hair!

Not the best pic I know, but I've given myself some waves... what do you think? It was only a quick go... I quite like it, but will curl it more next time, plus this pic isn't showing up all the wavy bits... grrrr.


  1. looks good! its longer than mine ya boo....nice colour!!

  2. Thanks chicken! I've been growing mine longer than you! It's taken just over 2 years to get it this length, but then it was shave at the sides and back then too, lol.

  3. Pretty Roz, Like your curls and the color of your hair. Pretty blouse too, the color is gorgeous.

  4. ....woo hoo.....fabulous Roz, you look great! I like your hair long and wavy - lovely - and also like you wearing red....

  5. Looks good Roz.. I do like that color too....


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