Thursday, 26 June 2008

Here's Pluto!

And here's Pluto! I also made a card tonight, the first card in ages!!! Yeah, using my Disney cartridge. This Pluto is now on Matthew's wall next to Mickey.
I waited in all day today expecting Matthew's cobalt blue and black Nintendo DS was going to turn up, but it didn't... it better be here tomorrow! Justin's crimson one with a dragon on it, has made it from Hong Kong, it's in the East Midlands now according to DHL's website tracking thingy.
I must also wave to Linda - dad's church visitor!! Hellooooooooo Linda! You must get very bored reading my blog!! I suppose it passes five minutes if you've got a loose end and a cuppa tea though. Mind you, it's nice to know I have my regulars, lol.

Well, that's about it for tonight. The football is almost over, and then I can put Big Bro on - it's recording on the V+ box at the moment.

Goodnight all...

HAHAHA, you gotta love that cat!

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