Tuesday, 17 June 2008

A Tuesday in June...

...and what have I been doing? Er... watching Big Brother live on the red button most of the time, and cross stitching. I stitched both dad's and Justin's Father's Day cards. Dad's spelled out Dad with musical thingies, and Justin's is a Formula 1 flag and steering wheel. They both liked their cards. I got dad two bags of toffee's and some cinnamon biscuits, and Justin got a Swizzles selection box full of various sweets. He'd looked at something similar at Christmas but never bought one.
Football is still on the telly every night, so I just cross stitch or watch it too. Although I will be glad when it's finished!!
Our microwave decided to go kaput Monday night, so we have a new one coming tomorrow. I need the microwave as it seems I'm unable to cook rice without burning the saucepan, so it's safer in the microwave. I managed to burn boiled eggs two weeks ago...
I've got this coming weekend off work - Justin's dad and step mum are down and we're going to Wicksteed Park in Kettering. It's an old fashioned theme park and it's a nice day out. Hopefully Matthew will have a good day.
Tonight I'm cooking sausages and pasta in a tomato and herb sauce, mmm mmmmmm. Later on I shall be cross stitching. It's of two cats, a grey cat and a ginger cat, on a swing with flowers above them. I'm about 3 quarters of the way through, so need to get it finished.


  1. Sounds like our house; Pork neck chops in BBQ sauce for tea, Justin watches footie while I knit socks, then I get to watch half an hour of BB if I'm lucky...I still haven't sussed out who's who between Rachel and Jennifer...

  2. lol, Rachel is errr... Jennifer is the one that looks like Cheryl Tweedy/Cole from Girls Aloud.

  3. Wrong generation Roz...I'm more likely to recognise which Beverley Sister is which than who's who in Girls Aloud...Who's the one with a long face who looks miserable most of the time...Rachel or Jen?

  4. Rachel's hair is curlier?
    Got to digital spy and click on forum, then onto Big Brother... at the top you can hovver your mouse over the pics of the housemates and it will tell you who's who...

  5. ...well, I know nothing about BB but glad you are enjoying it. Sounds like your "fathers" in the family had a nice celebration. Do we get to see your cross-stitching?
    Oooooo....sounds yummy, set another plate will you? (lol)

  6. Hiya Myrt!!
    Yes I should take pics/scan the cards that I made shouldn't I?! I did mean to, but I'm sure you remember me and how often I scan things lol.

  7. Oh I LOVE Wickstead Park!! My sister lives in Kettering and we quite often go walkies round there, especially when she had her dog! The rides are pretty good too, and theres lots to see. I did a sponsered walk around the park some time ago so Carolynn (sis) came and walked round with me. Have a fab time!!


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