Thursday, 26 June 2008

Design Studio

Today I've been fiddling around with Design Studio. It's a software program for the Cricut Expression (from hereon in, it will be called the Big Bug (well that's what they called it on the forum)). I typed out the word Disneyland, used a Mickey head and hand icon and welded them onto the word, which also had to be welded. I then created the hands border. I connected the laptop up to the bug and it needed to do a firmware update first, so when that was done I got stuck in. It was using two of my cartridges - Mickey and Friends for the graphics, and Plantin Schoolbook for the fonts. Well I was so happy, the machine done precisely what I asked it to do! Wow! Matthew wants to make Pluto later and one other character to go on his wall next the the original Mickey and Minnie.
I have some cardstock being delivered tomorrow, bazzill basics colours, and some Disney papers.


  1. Is that a Mojo I see hiding under the table...?

  2. yep yep yep, hoooooorayyyyy!


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