Monday, 30 June 2008

Ok, so... the DS............................ STILL not here. I managed to find a phone number to the company today and phoned them. They told me that it was definitely dispatched and I should have had it last week. He then sent me an email, and it was so funny coz that didn't turn up either!! I had to phone him up again and he laughed coz I hadn't received it, then he emailed me again. It was a form that I needed to print, sign it, then scan it, then resend it back to him. He said that he thinks there was a problem with the Post Office at their end. He is also going to try and trace it, but that was another problem - there was no tracking number! So, he's sending me out another one either today or tomorrow.
Matthew has now got my new DS, the Crimson and black one, and I shall have the Cobalt blue one when it finally arrives.

Today has been a lovely hot day, and it's going to be hotter tomorrow. It's Matthew's school sports day tomorrow and Justin has the day off for it. Matthew said he's nervous, lol. He was ok once he got started last year. I shall take the camera and get some photos. We very rarely use the video camera as it plays up so much, we should really...

Friday, 27 June 2008

Nintendo DS update...

Justin's has made it here from Hong Kong... but do you think Matthew's has made it from somewhere in this country?? Nope! I'm not looking forward to telling him when I pick him up from school, and I've hidden Justin's so he doesn't know that that one is here... Justin's is nice, it's got a dragon on it.

Thursday, 26 June 2008

Here's Pluto!

And here's Pluto! I also made a card tonight, the first card in ages!!! Yeah, using my Disney cartridge. This Pluto is now on Matthew's wall next to Mickey.
I waited in all day today expecting Matthew's cobalt blue and black Nintendo DS was going to turn up, but it didn't... it better be here tomorrow! Justin's crimson one with a dragon on it, has made it from Hong Kong, it's in the East Midlands now according to DHL's website tracking thingy.
I must also wave to Linda - dad's church visitor!! Hellooooooooo Linda! You must get very bored reading my blog!! I suppose it passes five minutes if you've got a loose end and a cuppa tea though. Mind you, it's nice to know I have my regulars, lol.

Well, that's about it for tonight. The football is almost over, and then I can put Big Bro on - it's recording on the V+ box at the moment.

Goodnight all...

HAHAHA, you gotta love that cat!

Design Studio

Today I've been fiddling around with Design Studio. It's a software program for the Cricut Expression (from hereon in, it will be called the Big Bug (well that's what they called it on the forum)). I typed out the word Disneyland, used a Mickey head and hand icon and welded them onto the word, which also had to be welded. I then created the hands border. I connected the laptop up to the bug and it needed to do a firmware update first, so when that was done I got stuck in. It was using two of my cartridges - Mickey and Friends for the graphics, and Plantin Schoolbook for the fonts. Well I was so happy, the machine done precisely what I asked it to do! Wow! Matthew wants to make Pluto later and one other character to go on his wall next the the original Mickey and Minnie.
I have some cardstock being delivered tomorrow, bazzill basics colours, and some Disney papers.

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

And here's the perfect couple...

Awwww, they are quite sweet aren't they?
I'm definitely loving this machine!!

I am now the proud owner of...

... of a Cricut (proun cricket!) Expressions machine click the link to see what I'm talking about. This amazing machine allowed me to cut out this fantastic Mickey Mouse!!! This machine is fantastic, I love it!!!
This is my first attempt and I had to follow a step by step on the above website. Matthew has now stolen him. I bought the Disney cartridge, Mickey and Friends, and now should be able to get on with a Disneyland scrapbook that is in desperate need of getting past the start page. Justin bought me a gorgeous Disney scrapbook album for Christmas, so I need to get on with it... no excuse now!

Sunday, 22 June 2008

Wicksteed Park

Today we went to Wicksteed Park in Kettering with Justin's dad and step mum. We had a great day, but we had light rain for most of the day. It did brighten up from about 2pm onwards. Matthew loved the car ride at the top, and he took Tommy (who he'd brought home from school again for being good) on the curly slides, and the bottom picture is of both Daddy's and Matthew's first go on the go-karts. Apparently Justin wasn't allowed in one when he was little as they were too fast and he was too young to steer one. They loved it!
We had lunch in a bar in the park, Justin had lasagne and I had haddock and chips. Later on when we were back home, we went to Frankie and Benny's for dinner. Justin and I shared a large mixed grill, followed by hot chocolate brownie in custard, fresh cream, vanilla ice cream, and red berries. Matthew had icecream with Cadbury's chocolate buttons and strawberry sauce, he also asked our waiter for marshmallows with it, and he got them!
We were all stuffed by the time we got home. Justin's dad and step mum stayed for about another 2 hours and then went back to the hotel.
Today we just showed them around town. Joan bought some new clothes in my favourite shop, they also got Matthew a new Doctor Who figure. We went to the Baker's oven for a Latte and cake.
They left at 1pm. Justin watched Formula One, and I fell asleep. I've been looking at Trollbeads tonight... I love them!!! I have two bids on Ebay at the moment.
I have printed out some photos but there is something wrong with the new printer, so I'm annoyed... don't know where the box is to send it back either. The beginning of the photo prints fine, but the last inch or so smudges and kind of droops downwards.
I have ordered the new hifi... click here to see it! I hope it lasts longer than the printer did!!

The above picture is of a cross stitch kit that I've just bought. It's normal price is over £30, but I got it for £13... Ok, it looks really hard to stitch and I know it's going to drive me mental... I'm hoping it's not going to be another one of those "One day I'll finish that" projects.

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

A Tuesday in June...

...and what have I been doing? Er... watching Big Brother live on the red button most of the time, and cross stitching. I stitched both dad's and Justin's Father's Day cards. Dad's spelled out Dad with musical thingies, and Justin's is a Formula 1 flag and steering wheel. They both liked their cards. I got dad two bags of toffee's and some cinnamon biscuits, and Justin got a Swizzles selection box full of various sweets. He'd looked at something similar at Christmas but never bought one.
Football is still on the telly every night, so I just cross stitch or watch it too. Although I will be glad when it's finished!!
Our microwave decided to go kaput Monday night, so we have a new one coming tomorrow. I need the microwave as it seems I'm unable to cook rice without burning the saucepan, so it's safer in the microwave. I managed to burn boiled eggs two weeks ago...
I've got this coming weekend off work - Justin's dad and step mum are down and we're going to Wicksteed Park in Kettering. It's an old fashioned theme park and it's a nice day out. Hopefully Matthew will have a good day.
Tonight I'm cooking sausages and pasta in a tomato and herb sauce, mmm mmmmmm. Later on I shall be cross stitching. It's of two cats, a grey cat and a ginger cat, on a swing with flowers above them. I'm about 3 quarters of the way through, so need to get it finished.

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

It's all about BB!

Big Bro has been on the telly since it started almost!! Well, no, that's a lie... Justin has the football on at the moment every night... I'd be more interested if England were actually in it!

I'm also cross stitching as well. I'm stitching two little cats on a swing and I'll upload a pic of that when it's done. After the cats, I have a pup laying in a hammock that I want to stitch. Trouble is, I start off all enthusiastic, then it wanes a bit, then goes altogether, so I've got lots of unfinished projects. Matthew wants me to stitch a big Peter Rabbit picture for him. I don't know if I hold out much hope of that getting done... but it would look lovely.

Friday, 6 June 2008

Big Brother has started!!!!

Goodbye summer!!
I'm a BB addict and proud of it! I'm liking most of the housemates. We stayed up until almost midnight watching it, then when we went to bed Justin put it on the telly in the there as well, lol. I do have a couple of favourites at the moment, but don't have any idea what their names are.

I wish my new handbag would hurry up and get here - it was dispatched on the third of June so it should be here! I had fun using the tongs yesterday, but I haven't attempted to use the hot rollers yet, I don't even know if I'll be able to put them in... maybe I could bribe Justin!! I'm not hopeful on that one.

Matthew has a school disco tonight, and luckily I'm making a casserole with dumplings for dinner, so that can be cooking in the oven and be ready for when we get back home at 6.15pm. Justin will have to put the dumplings in when he gets home from work.

Dad is due to leave Killarney today and stay overnight tonight at Waterford, then tomorrow it will be the journey back to England. I should think he's taken lots of photo's.

Check back later for any updates into my active day, lol.

11am and I have an update already!! My handbag, purse, and Betty Boop organiser have come, along with a Winter Cottages decoupage card making kit, am now a happy bunny!

Thursday, 5 June 2008

Curls curls curls

Yep, the photos are out of focus, but it's hard holding a camera and looking in the mirror and not getting it blurry! The back view was taken by Matthew - now he can normally hold a camera very still! I also forgot to flip the top image, so you're seeing the mirror image.
Anyway... my new tongs are here and this is the result from today, lol.

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Wavy hair!

Not the best pic I know, but I've given myself some waves... what do you think? It was only a quick go... I quite like it, but will curl it more next time, plus this pic isn't showing up all the wavy bits... grrrr.

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Just how lucky is my dad!

Dad is going to see Riverdance tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm SO jealous!!!! He is staying at the Gleneagle Hotel in Killarney and he will see Riverdance here. Amazing!

Matthew had a good day at school today. They had some owls brought into school today. I'm trying to think of the word of a collection of birds doing displays but I can't remember, lol.

Cheryl is coming over tonight to borrow my carpet washer, I'll have to do a quick demo first!
Last night Justin had half an hour on his rowing machine with a Jack Daniels by his side and a packet of Doritos afterwards.

Monday, 2 June 2008

My dogs!

Here is a little video of our dogs. Abby is the one doing all the work!

Dad's in Ireland!

Dad has gone on holiday to Ireland. It is taking almost as long to get to Killarney as it did for him to get to San Marino in Italy last year!! He said the ferry was calm, so I think he was relieved about that. They do tend to rock quite abit when the sea is choppy, and of course they ship isn't going to roll right over, but it does feel like it is, lol.

I went to work at the weekend, and A & E was pretty uneventful. Our boss came into work to hand me and Cheryl Employee of the Month certificates and badges - we'd taken over running the office and sorting out phone numbers when a local doctor's surgery was on fire a few months back. It's the second time I've got that award, the first time was for noticing that the crash trolley (resus trolley) wasn't on charge like it should be.

I'm still cross stitching, although this one is only tiny. It's the All Our Yesterday's free kit with one of this month's magazines. I would like to get it done soon though, coz Matthew wants an M with a teddy doing.

I'm still on the Soya milk as well and I'm staying on it!