Sunday, 3 May 2009

Lots of photos!

Here's some photos from our BBQ which we had yesterday. It was our first one! Justin has always wanted one and we went and bought on on Friday, so he'd got it all ready for when I got home from work yesterday... this first photo is just a few minutes after it was lit, so smoking like a good 'un for about 15 minutes, lol.

Me just after finishing work!!

Here is Matthew sorting out our little greenhouse. You can only really see the tomatoes, but there's also runner beans, lettuce, freesia's, spring onions, chives, yellow peppers and mint in there as well! The strawberries and carrots are in the garden.


  1. Oh you look like you had a lovely day, hope the food was good. Hugs Dawn Marie.xx

  2. Roz you look like you have had a fab day, I love barbecue's can't wait to have our first one of the year. Love your blog, Avril xx

  3. The food looks good. This weekend was not good BBQ weather. Raining and raining and cold. I have not peeked out there yet to see what it is like today. But I think it is supposed to be more rain. The food looks yummy. How nice the BBQ was going already when you got home. That is a treat for sure.

  4. .....great pictures Roz - our tomatoes are about that size now also - fun growing plants isn't it?
    Hope you all enjoyed the bar-b-que - it looks like it was fun, judging by the pictures. Thanks for sharing.


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