Thursday, 7 May 2009

Mobile upgrade time...

Well it is next month anyway...

I'm trying to decide between a Sony Ericsson W595, a Sony Ericsson C902, a Sony Ericsson C905, or a Samsung Tocco Ultra Edition... the latter two are on a high tarrif, but are the latest phones - full of gadgets, what I like... it's doing my head in choosing lol.


  1. .....glad it's your decision and not mine, Roz. I'm not very clever with the phones (lol). I'm am going to play on my Cricut today- have a lot of new cartridges to try.

  2. Well if it helps huni i got a samsung last august and it is absolutely fab, easy to use, clear to hear and the battery lasts for ages, and i get coverage everywhere....


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