Thursday, 30 April 2009

Can you see what it is yet??

Here is the start of my beautiful tiger. Can you see what it is yet? LOL!

Here's a close up of the stitches. This small part took me almost 3 hours to stitch! The crosses are so tiny. It's stitched on 18ct aida! I've stopped for tonight coz I really need it to be daylight to stitch on black. I've just realised a tiger has black stripes... blimey... black on black...

I've joined a great bunch of girls over at Stitch a long blog to help me get on with this fab design. Have a look on the blog to see the other great work they're all doing. I shall update my links on the right tomorrow with some cross stitch links as well... I think I need to separate the links into various crafts.


  1. Wow this is going to keep you going for months at least i'm not the only one with a gigantic project !!! How did you design your top banner i'm really pc clever do my own web pages etc..but for the life of me i can not do that.
    Happy stitching.
    Love T xxx

  2. Great start Roz and welcome to the SAL
    happy Stitching

  3. Thanks girls!

    Tara I got the banner from the same person as the background, button at top left. There is room for your own editing on the banner.
    I've made some of my own before, this blog changes every so often so you might see one before long x

  4. Brilliant thanks for that Roz and thanks for stopping past my blog, shoulders got worse since that shock thingy had 12 sessons, back to see quack this monday and see what he recommends next...Luv T xx

  5. Hi Roz, ooh this is looking good! I would just take my time with this as I think it could be quite hard on the eyes, its looking fab though honey, I started a winnie the pooh ages ago but then got totally involved in cardmaking, I'll need to get back to it as they are so easy and quick to make up. I'll go and check out the stitching blog too. Hugs Dawn Marie.xx

  6. Well this is going to keep you busy. You probably know this but if you put something white underneath is helps to see the holes. Never tried cross-stitching on black and 16ct is smaller enough for me. Look forward to seeing it finished.

  7. Hi Roz,

    Found your blog and that Tiger is going to keep our Sitchalong sal going for a long long time!! LOL
    And your luvbug is scrummy I suppose but I have my own and he is a luv.. well he puts up with me and never blinks when the postie adds to my stash!
    Happy Stitching and welcome aboard the sal, we love you already

    Chris x

  8. I decided I had to come over here and check out your blog. So nice to meet you and you have a very cute blog. Good luck with your SAL project. I suspect it will take you awhile. LOL! Take care, Linnea

  9. WOW I don't know what impresses me most- your patience or your eyesight!!

  10. Good luck with the stitching Roz. I used to cross stitch all the time before I started rubber stamping. Have fun!

  11. ...ah ha....Roz, you've started a "biggie" and yes, I do see a couple black stripes (lol) - oh boy, you must have good eyesight!


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