Thursday, 21 May 2009

The news today is...

Most of you who follow this blog know I'm going to be a grandmother (I'm still far too young!), but anyway... they found out today it's a boy! I'm used to boys, lol. Dad is going to have a great grandson!! They don't have any boys names at all, they had plenty of girls names, but now of course need a boys name. They had no intentions of telling us any names before the birth anyway.


  1. whoohoo Congratulations Roz. I bet you will be thrilled to meet the new man in your life when he appears in the flesh. Look out Justin, he might get more cuddles than you (LOL)

  2. .....ah ha.....a little grandson on the way - how nice, Roz and "Congratulations"..

  3. Yay! I can access your blog now. I had been unable to get on it for a couple of days. Congrats on the little guy. When is he due to arrive?

  4. He isn't due until October 9th, so I've a little while to wait yet...awww.

  5. Congratulations!! For some reason this never came up on my blog reader!
    I am not even an aunty yet, let alone a grand parent...4 bloomin brothers all in their mid to late think one one of them would have worked out how it all worked by now wouldnt you!


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