Thursday, 14 May 2009

Poor Matthew...

Matthew was very sad after school yesterday. His friend, Sean, had his last day at school yesterday. They had been friends for 3 years, and we remember the day Sean started school back in 2006 and he was very upset and not wanting to go into class. Me and Matthew went over to talk to him to make him feel better about going in... so they've been friends ever since.
Saturday morning we all attended a farewell party for them, it was fun but sad at the same time. Sean and his parents loved the stitched picture that I made for Sean. See posts below this one to see it. Which, incidently, is going to be published in Cross Stitch Card Shop issue 67, which is the next issue from the current one.
Anyway, Sean and Matthew have each others email address, so I hope that they keep in touch now that Sean will be back in America.

Other stuff going on...
I'm currently stitching Elliot - a little elephant with pink hearts from an old cross stitch mag. I'm having a lot of trouble stitching the tiger and have left a message on the SAL blog about it. Cheryl at work also wants me to stitch 2 silver wedding pictures...

Justin's favourite football team that he's followed all of his life, Cambridge United, are to play at Wembley this Sunday. Last year he was able to take Matthew and go there with his friend Brendan and his son Casey. They can't afford it this year, so are going to be having a sort of footie party here instead and watch it on Setanta... I really hope they win this year, lol...


  1. Aw Roz that is so sad, Matthew must be heartbroken but with the wonder of technology such as email etc they will be able to keep in touch which, at least is something. Hugs Dawn Marie.xx

  2. Glad your'e staying with us on the SAL and just adore your'e new project.
    Happy stitching

  3., I can well imagine how Matthew must feel but I'm sure they will stay great buddies through e-mail.

  4. It is hard to have a friend move away. I hope they can remain friends through email. That will be fun for them.


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