Sunday, 31 May 2009

It's mug time again!

This is me and Cheryl after work today. The photo is to be put onto a mug again. This time it's for our boss who's retiring. When we had the other mug done for Pat, who was also retiring, Penny had said when she retires she wants one as well. I shall upload it at Tesco's.

For some reason the order didn't go through when I tried via Tesco's, so I tried it with Boots. I'm SO glad I did! Even though the mug is a few pounds more, it's gorgeous!! I chose a gorgeous pink bird design with a grey heart where you can add your own text, and our photo is in an oval. Gorgeous, Penny will love it!

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  1. ....nice picture, Roz - take a pic of the mug when you get it - I'll bet it's lovely.


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