Wednesday, 20 May 2009

I've only gone and dyed my hair.... DARK!

Justin is the ONLY person to tell me I look older in this pic! Mind you... I have to say, when I looked in the bathroom mirror first thing this morning... you know, messy hair, no make up on etc, it was a scary sight!
Two other people at Matthew's school are now going to dye their hair tonight/tomorrow, lol. I've started something now!


  1. Love it Roz i really do think u look will ask if you had a blond moment !!!! Love & Hugs Tara xx

  2. How can you blow raspberries in writing rofl.
    I think your hair looks great, and you look just like the little girl on the left of the blog page. Nice to put a face to a name as well ;-)
    I think it is lovely but I have far too many blonde moments to change to brunette now lol. I need my blonde hair, it is the only thing standing between my and senile moments lol

  3. Well I love it much more sophisticated I think...not that there's anything wrong with blonde I'd better stop there...

    Only joking

    Hugs Debbie xx

  4. Oh my, I quite like it Roz! Very nice! How do you like it?


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