Monday, 4 May 2009

So... today...

This is Darryl's friend, Tom. They've been friends since secondary school, and he is a nutter, lol. They bought us all pizza and chips and it was scrummy!! Here they are sitting waiting to play Burnout on the Playstation 3.

This is how far I'm up with my cross stitched tiger. The charcoal colour is SO hard to stitch on this black aida, lol. I WILL get there in the end...

We didn't do anything exciting today... town in the morning to finish off the shopping, then Cambridge United on the telly and they won, so they have to play Torquay to go up a division, and then we went over to the trim trail. We were going to have a picnic but it wasn't very sunny. So we took a few nibbles and drinks and just ate them sitting over at the trim trail... and then home.


  1. Great progress Roz on a very tricky kit
    Well done
    Happy Stitching

  2. Hi Roz! Great Progress on your Tiger! Well done

  3. Great work huni ohh i'm dying to get hold of that burnout for the playstation, my mates got is and it looks've also got the nintendo Wii but Drs banned me from it cause of my shoulder saw him yesterday and had to have another imfiltration jab into the shoulder and i'm back to see him monday coming as he thinks he might recommend an op as nothings working..

  4. Hiya Tara!
    We've got a Wii as well, and bowling kills my shoulder lol... I really need to book some physio but can't be bothered. I hope you don't have to have an op!! They said that with me, but after 8 treatments of ultrasound therapy on it it finally got better (that was the other shoulder of course, now the right one is bad, lol)

  5. .....great pics of the guys, Roz - they look like they are having fun.
    Your tiger is coming along nicely!

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