Thursday, 13 November 2008

Still no cards ARRGGHHHH

But I have been busy crocheting that blanket... I'm just about to start the 6th 100 gram ball of pink, then it's onto the black eyelash. I need to get it finished by the end of next week!!!! It's quite heavy to work with now too. I will be SO glad when this one is finished. I still have one to make for Abby... 
Nothing much else has happened this week. I've still been wrapping pressies, and they're in black bags on top of the wardrobe... Matthew asked what they were and was told they're pressies for other people... he half believes it. I've also said there's a couple up there for us lot here, lol. 
I pick up his bike next Friday morning (so dad, that means no Tesco's for me that morning), and also get £20 worth of accessories free, so I'm getting him a pack that has a lock in it and various other little bits in it. 
We have Justin's dad and step mum up from Devon this weekend. I've got Saturday off work only, but they don't tend to stay too long on Sunday.
Well.... back to the blanket then!
Oh, I've also been given two more awards from Debbie! Thanks Debbie!!! I really will have to have a think about who to pass them on to, and also get the awards up on my blog.


  1. Yoiu'll be dreaming in pink and

    Thought you had been quiet...well done on the awards - you havent said what they are for! LOL

  2. Hi Roz
    It sounds like you are very busy! I hope you get your blanket finished on time.
    Hugs Lynsey :)

  3. I thought I had been quiet! I was getting worried about you....LOL

  4. You always sound so organised Roz. Hope to start some xmas shopping next week! Have a great weekend & happy crocheting ;) Debbie x


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