Tuesday, 18 November 2008

2 photos from the weekend.

Justin's dad and step mum were down at the weekend, and Saturday we spent at a local park. We had a lovely walk through the woods and the lake, and laughed at some dogs chasing each other into the lake. The second picture shows some "play" equipment that resembles gym equipment!! I thought it was amazing, lol. We all had a go on most things. I found the one where you sit down and hoist yourself up and down a bit hard, lol. We also had a cup of tea in the little cafe there as well. It was a great day, rounded off by dinner at Frankie and Bennys in the evening. 
I'm still making the blanket, but I REALLY hope I'll get it finished by the end of this week... or at least just leave the black to do... but it's getting really boring doing it and I keep putting it off. I've had about an hour on it today.


  1. Hi Roz, hows things? Hope you have finished your blanket! :) Have a great weekend. Debbie x

  2. Hi Roz, check my blog - you've got an award. Love Jeannie

  3. Good evening Roz, You've been so busy since I was last here. The weekend wander in the park looked and sounded like fun. Love the pics of Matthew crafting, you can blame him for the mess !! Also love the Halloween brag book. Fabulous. Hugs. Gail xxx


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