Friday, 7 November 2008

No cards so far this week...

I just haven't had the time. I do need to make my boss a birthday card though, so watch this space.

As far as firework night went, it was very quiet. Matthew had some sparklers in the back garden and there were hardly any fireworks going off. I think he saw them all at dads earlier, and that wasn't very many.

Last night we had a poker night. I'd bought some nibbles, and the winner was to receive a box of Jelly Babies, lol. Matthew won again!!! This time he didn't have any help!!!!!!!!! Either he had all the luck and is sort of understanding what are good cards, or we're all rubbish. 

I have been wrapping up more pressies, but that marathon wrapping day I had on Tuesday took me 3 hours! I had backache afterwards.


  1. I'm beginning to lose the urge to make any, I'm afraid. Waah. I've been sorting out a room as a craft room for myself and put all my stuff in there. Maybe seeing it all around me will get me creating again. I'm sure trying to do it all on the floor and stretching out is what did it for my back!

    It seems to be pinching a nerve now and I literally have a pain in my butt!

    Never mind. Birthday tomorrow so I'm going to get myself an enormous cake. AHAHAAA!!!!!

  2. You sound so organised Roz. I haven't even mananged to buy a present yet.
    I took Jack to meadowhall today to try to get some but it was soo busy & he just couldn't cope with all of the crowds & freaked out! So we just had to turn around and come straight back home.
    I have had to cancel our fireworks party for tonight as it is chucking it down here!....and now Jack is chucking up everywhere!!...I don't know if it's because he was upset today or if he has got this horrible bug thats going around.
    Hope you have a fab weekend. Debbie x


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