Monday, 3 November 2008

And here is the cake!

Here it is, and it's definitely my best yet. The sponge rose perfectly and was fluffy and light. Excellent. I shall follow the instructions for it again next time. I normally make a sponge using the creaming method, but this time I didn't... click here to follow the same instructions. I do wish all ovens were the same though, coz I think this still could have done with a few minutes less cooking time - one side was just beginning to ... not burn exactly, but could of done with coming out sooner. I already cooked it ten degrees less as it's a fan oven, and 5 minutes less. Still, I'm very happy with this one.

Justin says I can quote him and say "The cake was tasty, yum yum" lol

I just found this blog, Cake Wrecks - there are some gorgeous and also very strange looking cakes on this blog, and some that will make you laugh so it's very much worth a look! 
One I particularly couldn't stop laughing at... Dalek cakes. And this pumpkin Autumnal cake is stunning! 


  1. oooh cant wait for my next addenbrookes appointment (hopefully you'll make another around that time!) I DEFY Mark to be rotten about this (you know he loves ya to bits thats why he makes fun of you!!) In fact, if I does then know what to do.

  2. Your cake looks so yummy Roz, I love baking & cake decorating too. One of my fave blogs to visit is Here, the cakes are amazing, I especially love the Hermes Bag. Debbie x

  3. Hi Roz, me again the link on my previous comment is not working so I'll give it another go

    Debbie x

  4. ...oh Roz, I'll be right over - will you serve me a cuppa also? (lol) - it does look delicious and you have it decorated so nicely.

  5. ....go have a peek at my blog, Roz.
    Hugs, Myrt


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