Monday, 3 November 2008

Dogs and Fireworks.

I have two dogs, as most regular readers will know. I have a labrador crossed with a greyhound called Sophie who has Addison's Disease and absolutely hates fireworks. She shakes like a leaf until she gets a couple of prednisolone (steriod) tablets in her. I also have a very batty Golden Retriever, Abby. (There are photos back through these posts of both of them) Anyway... Abby is like a big kid! She hears the first bang and runs up and down the lounge and whines to go outside. We let her out and she stands up the fence watching them wagging her tail. She gets so excited, it's really funny. Does anyone elses dog like fireworks or is my dog just odd?

I haven't made any cards today. I'm always tired on a Monday after working the weekend, but I did make another cake!! Mainly because the Halloween one was a bit flat, lol... it tasted lovely and Darryl said it was his favourite cake yet! Weird! So I had to prove to myself that I could get another cake to rise! And rise it did! I shall take a photo of it later tonight and add it to this post.


  1. Hi Roz - dogs are funny aren't they? Our Sheltie just loved getting her big garbage bag full of blown-up balloons for Christmas. We would dump them all over the floor and watch her break every single one! She probably wouldn't have minded fireworks if breaking balloons didn't bother her - lots of noise. Can't wait to see your cake!

  2. Hi Roz, my tiny dog is terrified of fireworks and sits trembling & whining...thought about getting her some ear muffs! lol. Debbie x


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