Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Christmassy day!

That's what I'm going to have today.
I've just been to Halfords and ordered Matthew's bike for Christmas!!! He has wanted a bike for ages, and he can't even ride one bless him!! He will be SO excited when he gets this on Christmas morning. Click here to see the one I've ordered. I think he'll be pleased with this one. His favourite colour is red, so I was very pleased to find this one this morning. I only went in to get an idea of what size I needed to order for him.
I'm also going to be wrapping up what presents we've bought so far today... I always start off enthusiastically but that feeling soon vanishes... 


  1. Nice bike! He will be pleased!! You going to wrap it?? lol

  2. Great bike Matthew will love it! You are organised I haven't got any xmas prezzies yet!...having a mild panic attack now, lol. Debbie x

  3. Matthew will be 'over the moon' with his new bike - it's awesome.

  4. Great bike, Roz. I'm sure he will love it.



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