Sunday, 2 November 2008


I had a go at making my own background...
I found a site that told you how to do it. But the size is wrong... and apparently when you upload it to Photobucket you have to make sure it uploads as a 1 megabyte file... I did, then it's too big for the page! So I've had to have it as a 17" page... oh well...

Oh yes, and thank you to Poppy for giving me two blog awards. I'm still thinking who I wish to pass them on to. Thanks Poppy! It's great to know that my blog is liked.


  1. ....well now, aren't you the clever one - and it's a beauty, Roz. I love your topper too!

  2. Lovely Roz! I've been thinking about tarting my blog up a bit, but haven't got round to searching for a "how-to" yet.

  3. Ohhhhhhh how pretty, well lady can you tell where you found that site then LOL.

  4. lol Winnie!
    I found it linked from YOUR site. I saved a background and just used that for the sizing, then I made this one with digital scrapbook downloads.
    It was showing up as a small background until I read somewhere else that before you choose what file to upload to photobucket, you must choose the size. It said 1 megabyte, but that was showing to big, so I had to choose 17 inch, which is ok.

  5. oh lovin your new look, dont worry about the awards if you dont want to ,Lots of people just ignore them.


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