Monday, 21 January 2008

On Matthew's birthday...

Well, Matthew is now the grand old age of 7. He had a great birthday. He woke up really early and we finally got up around 7am. He opened his presents from us, some of which were, a Knight Rider remote control KITT car, Shrek the 3rd dvd, a little portable hand held mega drive with 20 games built in. Darryl got him Spiderman's webslinger, what a mess that makes! He got other presents too and a total of £140!!!!!!
After school we brought back Sean, and he got changed here, then Zach and Jack were brought round by their parents. We took them to Play 2 Day for 2 hours, where they ran around and climbed everywhere, down the bumpy slide, in the ball pit... Darryl was very helpful, he went in the climbing thingy with them - he had a great time!! We took them to the chippy on the way home and we all had sausage and chips, after that it was cakes, jelly, biscuits and drinks. They then played on the Playstation 3, and the Wii. They all left by 7.45pm... Matthew loved his birthday. Matthew had also got Tommy from school
In the morning, me, Justin and Darryl had gone to Subway and had a Breakfast Melt... mmmmmm... gorgeous!
Justin back to work on Friday, and could have done with another day off. I went shopping with dad, then into town for a cross stitch book. I've started a cat cross stitch, I think I started that on Wednesday coz I remember doing some at dad's.
Work at the weekend was very much less stressful than last weekend. Cheryl is off next weekend, she's off to Skegness for four days.
Matthew's at school, Justin's at work, and Darryl is in the bath - he likes to be fresh out of the bath for when he meets Abby. I'm going to carry on with my stitching... after I've added some photos to this post, and a music.

Gimme some cake!!! (Blurry photo!!)

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