Saturday, 5 January 2008

Blimey it's been ages...

Since I've posted in here!!
So... I stayed up to welcome in the New Year, we watched the fireworks on BBC1, most disappointed that the BBC decided to screen Jool's Holland's Hogmany in HD and not the fireworks like last year!!
My memory is bad and I can't remember what we did on New Year's Day... think we went into town at some point. It's been lovely spending some time with Justin during the daylight hours, normally he's at work in the week, and me at weekends.
We went to dad's on Wednesday morning, and to the new Co op at lunchtime - we had to buy some bread for the duck's and I spotted a bargain on the Special K berries for £2, so I bought those. Feeding the ducks was freezing, and we were glad to get back to dad's. Me and Matthew made a lorry Hama bead creation in the afternoon.
Sometime on Thursday I received a call from phones 4 u telling me I could upgrade my phone, I said I had no idea what phone I wanted so she hung up. I then phoned my network operator - 3 - and asked them if I was able to upgrade my phone yet and they said yes... so I had a chat with Justin about a new phone. I'm a Sony Ericsson fan and was going to get the Sony Ericsson K850i - I currently have the Sony Ericsson W850i, but then Justin said about the Nokia N95... it's got a Symbian operating system unlike a normal phone, and they're like little mini computers, so I phoned back and ordered that phone, and it's coming on Monday. I've not had a Nokia for years!! Even by bluetooth is called Nocky Ears... that's coz I was saying one day that I hate Nokia's, and Matthew said he hates nocky ears as well, lol.
I had a laugh today with Cheryl at work, she wasn't hungover either!! It was really busy in A & E this afternoon, I think we were running out of Major beds.
Justin is going to reformat the main computer, so we're sending stuff from that one to both our laptops at the moment, never a dull moment here!!


  1. Oooooo.....what a techy lot you are! My Justin has just got up from reformatting the bed, and now I'm sending him some chocolate from my lap, and he's sending me a cup of tea. The only files that get exchanged round here are nail files...

  2. LOL, you do make me laugh Totty!! So funny!!!

    Yeah we are a bit techy... We just love gadgets!!


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