Wednesday, 30 January 2008

It was time for a trim.

I decided last night that it was time for my hair to have trim so I went to one of the local walk in hairdressers. She said that my hair was in great condition apart from the very ends - straightening my hair damages the ends, despite using a serum and a spray on them. I liked my hair when she'd finished, and went to Boots to buy some shampoo and conditioner, the one that the hairdresser recommended, I then nipped in Sainsbury's coz I was busting for a wee, lol. Then it was a few doors down to Wilkinson's and bought a hair dye to even out the colour. Medium blonde. Met up with Auntie Janet and Uncle Jim, they'd bought more Britax water filter thingies. I also got some loo rolls that were on offer. Oh, and some lavender and camomile wet wipes.
I came back home and made a cup of tea, then put my hair dye on.
Checked emails, replied to a few on the card group then after 30 minutes, washed off the dye. Initially I was disappointed, but now it's dried and straightened I love it. It's not a bright blonde, but a mid blonde (lol, what it said on the box, well almost). It's one of those multi tonal ones as well, so I'm happy today.
Tomorrow we're having Virgin Media install V+ boxes for their tv. We used to have NTL but went over to Sky. It's a lot cheaper for exactly the same though on VM - £25 a month cheaper! Plus Darryl gets HD on his telly as well. I'm sure I've already rattled on about this when we booked it last week.
I got a free Rimmel lipstick sent to me today... bit too pink for my liking, I'm more of a plum/raspberry woman.
Off to dads later after school. Matthew wants to get a packet of Mars Planets from little Tesco's after school. I will have a fiddle with dads telly later, I want to see what Virgin Central looks like.

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