Tuesday, 29 January 2008

On the Buses

Matthew has my dvd collection of On the Buses on at the moment. He loves it. He's got disc four on from series 3, the episode is One Foggy Night, soooo funny!!!
Sooo, what's happened since last week...
My phone was picked up on friday lunchtime. Shopping with dad Friday morning. Work at the weekend. They were such long days, Cheryl was in Skegness!!! She'd gone on Friday and back Monday. It was soooo boring at work. I'm glad she's back next weekend.
The card group is very chatty at the moment, we have generated almost 2000 emails since Thursday!!
Sunday, Justin sent me a text at work to say that the kitchen window was broken!!! Something has snapped inside the latch. I knew that Cheryl had had new gold handles fitted to her windows, so asked if I could have one of her white ones - she brought one over this morning and it didn't work. I mean it fitted ok, but it didn't fix the problem. So then I phoned the company up and they're sending me out a booking form, why this can't be done over the phone I have no idea. I have to sign it and send it back to them before it's booked. The ten year guarantee runs out next year, and it was time for someone to come out anyway because the window had dropped a little bit. It's one that opens from the bottom and then up and out. I only have trouble with those ones, all the ones that are side openers are fine.

I sent out two ATC's today, so hopefully they'll be received tomorrow. They are the only things I've made since Christmas.

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