Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Flea Bags!

We had to bath the flea bags tonight, they weren't too impressed at the time, lol. Click on the arrow below the file above to see the video.

Justin came home from work tonight with a FREE Sony Vaio laptop!!! Apparently they're updating them all at work and were giving away the old ones free, blimey! Darryl's always wanted one of those ones... oops.

Darryl stayed at Abby's last night. I didn't nothing much else but play with my new phone. It was a bit strange at first, but now I love it. Plus we found a new site to download games for free!!! It had quite a few new games too, so that kept Justin happy too.

Today after school me and Matthew went to the library to take back some old books. He also got four new ones out and we had a mug of hot chocolate/mars drink each.

Not much happening now, Justin on old laptop and installed more games on his phone, and I'm about to hunt for more games after this post.

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