Thursday, 24 January 2008

My wonderful new phone.

That excellent top of the range, well almost, phone that I've had for under 3 weeks died yesterday, lol. The screen wouldn't display anything properly. I phoned up my network, 3, and reported it faulty. The daft woman kept asking me to do things, I kept on telling her I would if I could see that the screen was saying. She asked me if I'd scratched it??? I... cannot... see... the... screeeeeeen. It is pixelated, the words are back to front if I can see any, the screen scrambles, then goes black... "well can you just press menu and scroll..." NO, I CAN'T SEE THE SCREEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So... supposed to be picked up today for repair by midday, but here it is 12.35 and it's still here. Now it's being picked up tomorrow afternoon...

Well, it was a dramatic day on my cardmaking group yesterday, ended up with four members unsubbing, and a new group being formed with the remaining 30 odd members. We have a closed group, not open to the public. Today in the group it has been very chatty and funny. It all gave me a headache yesterday. The group has a nice new name, but still incorporating CardScraps.

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