Tuesday, 27 November 2007

LOL @ the song tonight!!

I apologise... I just couldn't help myself, and it IS beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!

Mini book scrapbook.

I've been busy making another mini book. The last one I made was made for Justin's mum, but then I just couldn't part with it, so this week I began making another one from scratch again, right from the mountboard front and back. I'm so pleased with this one, I love it!!! I love it more than the other one, lol... but I really MUST give this one to her. She hasn't seen her grandson since he was around four months old, and he'll be 7 in January!! I shall upload the pages here when it's done.
Work was ok at the weekend, bit strange without Cheryl though - she spent the weekend at Vauxhall near Great Yarmouth for a tribute bands weekend.
I had a bit of a shock while I was there. I had to go into ITU (Intensive care), and saw Matthew's friends mum there visiting her mum in a side room. I knew her mum was in hospital, but didn't realise she was in ITU. She looked very poorly. The last time I saw her was when it was Matthew's Halloween disco and she came and sat with me. Apparently she is off of lung support today, so hopefully she'll soon be on the mend.
Sunday evening was the Christmas lights "big switch on"... hmm. I left work half an hour early and met Justin and Matthew in town. The lights looked lovely when they were lit up. We met up with Darryl finishing work at the end.
One of my supervisors rang me yesterday and asked me to go in on Thursday and I said YES! I can't believe it, lol. I don't work in the week!!!! It's because we've got so many wards closed and they need reopening so they need the staff to open them. Oh well... another few tenners earned I suppose.

Friday, 23 November 2007

Peterborough was freeeziinnngggg!

We left on the 9.47 train to Peterborough. Had we of got the train before, it would have cost over £10 more due to it being peak time, so we waited around in the station until we were able to buy the cheaper tickets. When we got there we headed straight through Queensgate to McDonald's where we had sausage and egg McMuffin's and hash browns, and hot chocolate!! Lovely! Then we went for a stroll outside and it was sooo cold. There was an ice rink set up, and a few people were skating on it. The decorations were up everywhere and were very nice, but Justin wasn't impressed with the massive Holly light things in the shopping centre.
We looked in various shops for about 3 hours, then back to McDonald's for lunch. I had a McChicken burger thingy and hot chocolate again, and we had a McFlurry for dessert. Home around 3.30pm.
Darryl had to work at 5pm, and I got in the bath at 5.30pm mainly to warm up!

Thursday, 22 November 2007

I just love Subway!!

After taking Matthew to school we went to Subway again, today we had egg and bacon rolls, mmmmmmmmm. We got a few bits of shopping, then back and wrapped up loads of Christmas presents, took ages!!! That is all we did all day, so nothing else to say yet. I doubt I'll be on later on either coz we're watching Pirates of the Caribbean 3 dvd tonight.

Hmmmm... we watched the film. I half liked it, it was one of those long films that felt a lot longer than it was.

We're going to Peterborough tomorrow. Not for anything special, but we're taking Matthew to see the lights in Queensgate. Trouble is me and Justin don't get a day off together very often so couldn't take Matthew any other time. Darryl is coming as well. So it will be breakfast in McDonald's, walk around the shops for a few hours, then back to McD's for icecream and a latte, then home on the train.

I'm now watching the earlier edition of I'm a Celebrity and Justin's made me a cuppa, so goodnight... sweet dreams!

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Justin had the day off!!!

...plus tomorrow and Friday too, lol.
After taking Matthew to school this morning, we went into town and we had the most scrumptious bacon rolls in Subway. It was a breakfast roll, so we got cheese in it, salad if you wanted - Justin did but I didn't, and toasted. YUM! It was gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I could eat one right now. We also had a cup of tea as well.
After that it was getting a couple more bits for Christmas, paper plates for one, and Christmas crackers. I can't believe that we got the £2.50 box when they're buy one get one free!!! I wanted the £6 box, but he won, lol. We also bought a few more pressies, another one for Matthew, and also Justin's mum and his step mum. When we got home Justin sorted out the top of the wardrobe and put more presents on top of it. We then sorted out a cupboard in Matthew's room, and a corner downstairs where Matthew's toys were. There's still more sorting out to do. It's hard with Matthew's toys because his bedroom is too small to have any in there, so they're all downstairs.
Darryl went off to Grandads when we were out picking up Matthew. We went to Homebase to show Matthew the Christmas trees in there. Roz is going mental at Matthew for fiddling with the toaster dial! <<< Justin just added that bit, lol! Well, he'd turned it down to ONE and then told me his toast was done!! Anyway... so here were are sitting on the settee watching England play Croatia in the Euro qualifiers. If they lose, they're out (notice how I don't say "we" or "we're"??) I've also been chatting to some mad people on UKScrappers all from Cambridgeshire. I think I'll get on just fine with them, me being mad and all that...

Oh dear... we lost the football! I can't remember the last time we weren't playing in the European Championship!!

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Cheryl's Christmas card.

Here is the black and white Christmas card that I've made for my friend, Cheryl. She loves black and white cards this year, so this is what I came up with yesterday.
I've made three more cards today as well. That, and watching QVC craft programmes today, I've not done much else.
I've got a beef casserole in the oven and it smells delicious! I shall add some dumplings later.
The weather has been gloomy all day today. It's been dull and raining on and off all day. I quite like the rain - when I'm indoors!

Monday, 19 November 2007

The Sound of Silence

This was on I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, tonight.

OOOooooOOOoOOHHHHhhh I can't wait!!

To start putting Christmas Carols on here as my pop picks, lol.

I made a card today. Cheryl is into black and white Christmas cards, so I made her one. I used my Father Christmas stamp and embossed it in white. Tiz lovely!

Not done much to speak of today really, my foot hurts = it's done it for years, every so often under the arch it hurts and it comes on all of a sudden too.

Darryl is at Abby's tonight, and Matthew is on the floor playing with his lego Police set. I have Create and Craft channel on and Stephanie is making oriental atc's, lol. Sometimes she really doesn't talk sense...

Sunday, 18 November 2007

Song for today - REM

Leaving New York. Just coz I love the song.

Here's Tommy!

...and Pluto and Matthew. Matthew got Tommy again from school for the weekend. He must be very good at school lately, as the last time he had him was on Halloween!
It's really cold again today, didn't help that in the restaurant at work the heaters weren't working either!!
Good weekend at work, glad I'm home though!! Had a nice day yesterday and a chat with Ally who was also working in A & E Saturday. Cheryl won't be in next week so I shall miss her.
Dad is listening to a choir from the Ukraine tonight at church, so I expect he's having a nice time. Darryl has gone to the cinema and forgotten to take his keys and his mobile phone!!! He better not be late in!!

Thursday, 15 November 2007


Ok, not literally, but it IS cold.
I went and got some presents with the Christmas money that dad gave us yesterday. I got some bargains for myself!! I bought a pair of pyjamas, a big pink fluffy dressing gown, and a cream fluffy scarf, and a scrapbook album all for £21!! I got a lego vehicle box set for Matthew, so took those things with me when dad picked me up later to get Matthew from school.
We had dinner at dads, lovely toad in the hole and roast potatoes. Darryl got dropped off at his dads later for the cinema, while me and Matthew went home.
Justin had the heating on when we got home so it was nice and cosy.

Today, I have washed the net curtains!!! I've only got the one, but I kept putting off getting it down, but me and dad were talking about doing ours yesterday, so I bet I beat him to it, lol.

I am going to see Matthew in an assembly later today. He has a few lines to say into a microphone, but I'm almost positive he won't say it because of his shyness. We shall see, bless him. Little monster, lol.

Abby is coming over later today, and for dinner I'm just doing mince with onion and chopped tomatoes, pointed cabbage (the most gorgeous cabbage I've ever eaten!!! Sainsbury's half price at the moment), carrots, petit pois, roast potatoes, yorkshire puddings, and gravy... mmmmmmmmmmmm.

The assembly went well. Matthew was good and spoke into the microphone on three occasions, and pushed a toy car on the stage.
Dinner was lovely, the cabbage was as good as it was the other day, even Matthew tried some and mixed it in with his mince. Darryl agrees with me that it's the best cabbage, lol.
Abby didn't come over today as she has a cold.

Oh, and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix was brilliant!!! I loved it. I don't think it's Justin's favourite though, and in High Definition it was fantastic. I love HD.

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Haven't I been quiet??!

I've not had the computer on much, can't think why though.
I took Matthew to his school disco on Friday night. He looked good dressed up, better than he did on Halloween as you can see from the photo. He won some sweets in a musical statues game there as well.

Work was ok. We had armed gunmen and armed police on guard, at least ten at a time, and they looked quite scary with their big guns! Lol.
I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here started last night, I'm annoyed because it's not on interactive or ITV2 during the day, not that I'm an addict of course.
I've been into town this morning trying to buy Harry Potter - The Order of the Phoenix on HD DVD, but now we don't have a dedicated music shop in town anymore, the only place that has hd dvd is Woolworths, and they had the cases out but not the dvd's! December the 18th is when Woolworths will have it in stock!!!! Matthew is not going to be happy after school tonight. Justins says he'll order it from Play.com instead. I wanted to watch it tonight :-(
DAD to the rescue!!! I phoned up dad, and he took me to Tesco's, so now we can watch the film tonight. THANKS DAD!!!

Thursday, 8 November 2007

A little bit creative

...but only a little bit. I managed to make two cards today and 2 treasure boxes. I shall put toffees in the boxes. I have made three boxes so far and shall probably make some more. I found it quite difficult making the cards for some reason - I shall have to watch more craft programmes on the telly because I do want to get creative again.

Justin's HD DVD player came today, finally! He's having a shave now, then he'll get to work connecting it to the telly, should be fun - nothing ever works first time in this house, lol.

Wednesday, 7 November 2007

A little bit Wiggy!

We had a great laugh last night trying on this witches wig that I bought from school yesterday morning. I haven't laughed so much in ages!!! It was SO funny!!! Matthew also got the red mask from school, and Darryl bought the Guy Fawkes mask from Cambridge on Monday. The one of Darryl at the bottom was him trying to look like Michael Caine in errrrr... um....... what's the film called????!!!! Oh yeah, Children of Men. We had to take pics of course.

I've not done a great amount today. I went into town with Darryl again and got some more wrapping paper, and toothpaste for Matthew. I also got a bargain of two Oats So Simple bowls from Sainsbury's for 15p each!!! I might get a couple more! Woohoo, lol.

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Mika - Happy Ending.

I like this one, bit strange, but I like strange.

Christmas shopping.

I finally done some today. I got my Auntie Janet and Uncle Jim a pressie today, plus I got Justin 3 pressies today as well. I also bought some wrapping paper. I'd gone up town with Darryl and we had to go back up town again coz one of the pressies wasn't complete!!!
Me and Matthew got his Halloween disco ticket today, it's not until Friday, bit late for Halloween but there you go. They were also selling costumes really cheap so we got Matthew a Dracula costume for 50p!!!!! Amazing! I also got a witches wig but I can't get it to go on properly.
Justin has got the football on the telly, Matthew is colouring in on the coffee table, and Darryl has just finished his dinner after coming home from work. Matthew and Darryl have a packet of sparklers for tonight. I shall wash up, lol.

Monday, 5 November 2007

Leona Lewis

...is tonights song. I love this song. I was so glad that she won the X Factor last year, she stood out from the rest, even though the others finalists were good also.


It's freezing outside, not literally, but it is cold.
Yesterday I worked on the other ward again, and the staff want to keep me, lol, but they can't, coz I love A & E.
Tonight Darryl and Abby have gone to Midsummers Green in Cambridge for a big firework display. We just had some sparklers in the garden, but Matthew loves those so he was happy, and we also had hot apple pie and custard. There were more fireworks going off over the weekend here. Our dog, Abby, spent a little time in the garden last night watching the fireworks. She is like a big kid, she loves watching them and gets so excited!!

Saturday, 3 November 2007

Hard Work!

I had to work on a different ward today, blimey, knackered! I shall be glad to be back on A & E next week. It's strange at the hospital at the moment as all the wards have to be refurbished, and they've all got to be completed by April next year. Each bay has to have a bathroom built into it, so each bay is losing one bed and a walk in shower room with toilet has to be built. One ward is finished at the moment. Two wards have been gutted so far.
So anyway, I'm tired tonight... so goodnight x

OH!! I forgot to mention that I fixed the video camera. Four times poking the reset button and a couple of good whacks and it now works perfectly, lol.

Friday, 2 November 2007

Brothers in Arms

Just coz we like it... and Justin asked who it was when Sky played it advertising the movie channels for this month lol.

Star of the week!!

Matthew's had two good days at school this week. Yesterday he brought home Tommy again, and today he got a certificate for star of the week, and he's moved up a reading level as well. Well done Matthew!

Tommy enjoying a roast dinner at grandad's

Tommy hanging out with the pumpkin.