Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Haven't I been quiet??!

I've not had the computer on much, can't think why though.
I took Matthew to his school disco on Friday night. He looked good dressed up, better than he did on Halloween as you can see from the photo. He won some sweets in a musical statues game there as well.

Work was ok. We had armed gunmen and armed police on guard, at least ten at a time, and they looked quite scary with their big guns! Lol.
I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here started last night, I'm annoyed because it's not on interactive or ITV2 during the day, not that I'm an addict of course.
I've been into town this morning trying to buy Harry Potter - The Order of the Phoenix on HD DVD, but now we don't have a dedicated music shop in town anymore, the only place that has hd dvd is Woolworths, and they had the cases out but not the dvd's! December the 18th is when Woolworths will have it in stock!!!! Matthew is not going to be happy after school tonight. Justins says he'll order it from Play.com instead. I wanted to watch it tonight :-(
DAD to the rescue!!! I phoned up dad, and he took me to Tesco's, so now we can watch the film tonight. THANKS DAD!!!

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