Friday, 23 November 2007

Peterborough was freeeziinnngggg!

We left on the 9.47 train to Peterborough. Had we of got the train before, it would have cost over £10 more due to it being peak time, so we waited around in the station until we were able to buy the cheaper tickets. When we got there we headed straight through Queensgate to McDonald's where we had sausage and egg McMuffin's and hash browns, and hot chocolate!! Lovely! Then we went for a stroll outside and it was sooo cold. There was an ice rink set up, and a few people were skating on it. The decorations were up everywhere and were very nice, but Justin wasn't impressed with the massive Holly light things in the shopping centre.
We looked in various shops for about 3 hours, then back to McDonald's for lunch. I had a McChicken burger thingy and hot chocolate again, and we had a McFlurry for dessert. Home around 3.30pm.
Darryl had to work at 5pm, and I got in the bath at 5.30pm mainly to warm up!

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