Wednesday, 7 November 2007

A little bit Wiggy!

We had a great laugh last night trying on this witches wig that I bought from school yesterday morning. I haven't laughed so much in ages!!! It was SO funny!!! Matthew also got the red mask from school, and Darryl bought the Guy Fawkes mask from Cambridge on Monday. The one of Darryl at the bottom was him trying to look like Michael Caine in errrrr... um....... what's the film called????!!!! Oh yeah, Children of Men. We had to take pics of course.

I've not done a great amount today. I went into town with Darryl again and got some more wrapping paper, and toothpaste for Matthew. I also got a bargain of two Oats So Simple bowls from Sainsbury's for 15p each!!! I might get a couple more! Woohoo, lol.


  1. Michael Caine? More like Morticia...LOL

  2. So funny and horror pictures which you present here. I enjoy it. Every thing looking so beautiful and fantastic.


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