Thursday, 22 November 2007

I just love Subway!!

After taking Matthew to school we went to Subway again, today we had egg and bacon rolls, mmmmmmmmm. We got a few bits of shopping, then back and wrapped up loads of Christmas presents, took ages!!! That is all we did all day, so nothing else to say yet. I doubt I'll be on later on either coz we're watching Pirates of the Caribbean 3 dvd tonight.

Hmmmm... we watched the film. I half liked it, it was one of those long films that felt a lot longer than it was.

We're going to Peterborough tomorrow. Not for anything special, but we're taking Matthew to see the lights in Queensgate. Trouble is me and Justin don't get a day off together very often so couldn't take Matthew any other time. Darryl is coming as well. So it will be breakfast in McDonald's, walk around the shops for a few hours, then back to McD's for icecream and a latte, then home on the train.

I'm now watching the earlier edition of I'm a Celebrity and Justin's made me a cuppa, so goodnight... sweet dreams!

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