Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Christmas shopping.

I finally done some today. I got my Auntie Janet and Uncle Jim a pressie today, plus I got Justin 3 pressies today as well. I also bought some wrapping paper. I'd gone up town with Darryl and we had to go back up town again coz one of the pressies wasn't complete!!!
Me and Matthew got his Halloween disco ticket today, it's not until Friday, bit late for Halloween but there you go. They were also selling costumes really cheap so we got Matthew a Dracula costume for 50p!!!!! Amazing! I also got a witches wig but I can't get it to go on properly.
Justin has got the football on the telly, Matthew is colouring in on the coffee table, and Darryl has just finished his dinner after coming home from work. Matthew and Darryl have a packet of sparklers for tonight. I shall wash up, lol.

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