Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Justin had the day off!!! tomorrow and Friday too, lol.
After taking Matthew to school this morning, we went into town and we had the most scrumptious bacon rolls in Subway. It was a breakfast roll, so we got cheese in it, salad if you wanted - Justin did but I didn't, and toasted. YUM! It was gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I could eat one right now. We also had a cup of tea as well.
After that it was getting a couple more bits for Christmas, paper plates for one, and Christmas crackers. I can't believe that we got the £2.50 box when they're buy one get one free!!! I wanted the £6 box, but he won, lol. We also bought a few more pressies, another one for Matthew, and also Justin's mum and his step mum. When we got home Justin sorted out the top of the wardrobe and put more presents on top of it. We then sorted out a cupboard in Matthew's room, and a corner downstairs where Matthew's toys were. There's still more sorting out to do. It's hard with Matthew's toys because his bedroom is too small to have any in there, so they're all downstairs.
Darryl went off to Grandads when we were out picking up Matthew. We went to Homebase to show Matthew the Christmas trees in there. Roz is going mental at Matthew for fiddling with the toaster dial! <<< Justin just added that bit, lol! Well, he'd turned it down to ONE and then told me his toast was done!! Anyway... so here were are sitting on the settee watching England play Croatia in the Euro qualifiers. If they lose, they're out (notice how I don't say "we" or "we're"??) I've also been chatting to some mad people on UKScrappers all from Cambridgeshire. I think I'll get on just fine with them, me being mad and all that...

Oh dear... we lost the football! I can't remember the last time we weren't playing in the European Championship!!

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