Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Mini book scrapbook.

I've been busy making another mini book. The last one I made was made for Justin's mum, but then I just couldn't part with it, so this week I began making another one from scratch again, right from the mountboard front and back. I'm so pleased with this one, I love it!!! I love it more than the other one, lol... but I really MUST give this one to her. She hasn't seen her grandson since he was around four months old, and he'll be 7 in January!! I shall upload the pages here when it's done.
Work was ok at the weekend, bit strange without Cheryl though - she spent the weekend at Vauxhall near Great Yarmouth for a tribute bands weekend.
I had a bit of a shock while I was there. I had to go into ITU (Intensive care), and saw Matthew's friends mum there visiting her mum in a side room. I knew her mum was in hospital, but didn't realise she was in ITU. She looked very poorly. The last time I saw her was when it was Matthew's Halloween disco and she came and sat with me. Apparently she is off of lung support today, so hopefully she'll soon be on the mend.
Sunday evening was the Christmas lights "big switch on"... hmm. I left work half an hour early and met Justin and Matthew in town. The lights looked lovely when they were lit up. We met up with Darryl finishing work at the end.
One of my supervisors rang me yesterday and asked me to go in on Thursday and I said YES! I can't believe it, lol. I don't work in the week!!!! It's because we've got so many wards closed and they need reopening so they need the staff to open them. Oh well... another few tenners earned I suppose.

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